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Odelay isn't a bad matchup smart can do it in a pinch because he's so rugged even though he's lot shorter and they they have to you know horford baynes whatnot i mean they'll they'll show multiple bodies athem dan shaughnessy here on the rich eisen show let's let's let's get a little bit of iran delay here on the on the boston sports scene starting with what the red sox have been able to do i mean we could sit here mookie betts clearly the front runner for the american league mvp just six weeks into the season but jd martinez he is done something and we'll we'll give the stat later on that that folks like rice ted williams jimmy fox have been able to do only previously for the red sox coming into boston who who is this guy in wisey able to fit in so quickly into a spot that normally takes free agents and spits them out well i mean the guy hit like forty six home runs hundred nineteen games last year he's he's clearly his career past been a little bit odd but he's he's got a going stages career and his very little fanfare about him and he's so quiet you don't even know he's around and you look up and it's three forty six and ten and thirty two rbi's and and you know the power to right field if he played in yankee stadium he was really a lot of home runs because you know he's he's great wait a little bit longer and barrel it up pretty well and then it just goes far and you know he really he's big on his swing swing path and studying that and but there's there's no no moving parts with him there's no noise and outside stuff it's just a guy who shows up and does that the end of dave dombrowski a pretty good job you know waiting on him and took a lot of heat for not being in the stanton thing and then waiting into the beginning of spring training before really getting on their terms and they did and he started off slow is that look slow and the homers didn't have didn't hit one in florida and then you know it's like i don't know five or six.

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