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Yet. If there will be charges against the man who was driving the pickup truck that struck and killed Coleraine, officer, Dale woods. The attorney for the drivers spoke with our Bill Cunningham. Steve atom says the driver of the pickup. Simply didn't see the officer who was reportedly picking up debris in the road from previous wreck on a rainy Friday night as a tragic accident, his heart and prayers, go out to the family of Dale woods. Attorney Steve Adams, the Ohio governor is announcing a new committee tomorrow to advise him on matters concerning mental illness and substance use disorder prevention treatment and recovery about eight hundred workers. The IRS and coming back on the job after being ordered back to help process tax returns. They will not get paid until the government shutdown is over Democrats considered legislation to reopen the government before recessing today. But the Senate is not doing the same Republican leader Mitch McConnell has said that until President Trump agrees to pass the legislation. His chamber will not be voting on any measures to reopen. The government the democratic leader Chuck Schumer is accusing McConnell in the Senate Republicans of prioritizing, President Trump over quote, American families, that's ABC's. Lana Zak, the president has written to the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi saying the government will not provide the aircraft for her plan trip overseas because of the government shutdown Pelosi wrote the president this week saying she wanted to delay. The state of the union address until the shutdown is over on Wall Street near the close. The Dow up one hundred sixty three NASDAQ picked up forty eight and the s&p gain nine. Nineteen news is a service of star fire. Lubricants News Radio seven hundred wwl w sports is.

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