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Radio news with rod william soul run looking there either he did a great job fears upright fits everybody walked out of it so that's what we're trained to do you know they're trained to make an emergency landing gives something curves what occurred i have no idea investigators in southern california are trying to figure out why helicopter made a hard landing in sherman oaks there's a new hbo series called the couldn't veterans the duo behind the wildly popular game of thrones series david benny off ndp weis have created a new series for hbo confederate imagine what america would be like if the south had won the civil war successfully seceded from the union and slavery still existed many of the online comments are referring to the current tense political atmosphere in this country they're questioning why hbo would want to pour more fuel onto that fire sharon reed isues usa radio news i would urge them andrew or 100 moves you might go on the ballot merlin quickly some of the pamphlet didn't bit may now mccall on on my hip the by now modest increase energy then this stuff works but go work that would build said after taking an through four hundred for a month now listen with richard says about andrew 400 but i did a lot of research on a heuer ordered up because i cried other products in the past with they have a work but i could not believe the difference literally within a month are guarded cake unit i have lost thirty seven are on it what's your belly fat i could get weight off but i could never get your comey off now mccurry coming off and i have more energy than ipad and twenty years guys if you to lose belly fat gain in energy and feel twenty years younger like richard try andro400 the safe natural and affordable way to.

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