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Dividing the country and trying to incite hatred. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scolding President Trump for using those images. Pelosi calls President Trump's tweeting habits on presidential his purpose. In tweeting. I don't know, but apercus is working together to get the job done for the American people and really not to inflame the to unify she made those statements during a news briefing in northern Virginia. Pelosi said she makes it a practice of not responding to Trump's numerous tweets, the F B I is calling for members of the public to be trained on how to thwart active shooters in its annual report released this week. The report says there were twenty seven active shootings in the US in two thousand eighteen that led to the deaths of eighty five people and injuries to one hundred twenty eight others. The number was down from twenty seventeen when there were thirty active shooting events, most of the shooters were male, but three were women and the gender of the fourth is unknown the youngest active shooter thirteen years old. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio and MTA bus. Driver says. As a man threw a Cup of urine on her through an open window as she was driving riders through the Bronx, New York Friday. No Mladen has more Terrell Robinson says she was at a bus stop on the grand concourse when a stranger came out of nowhere and he coffee Cup full of pee on her through the driver's side window allies load in my passengers as I needed to close the doors to pull off I turn my head. And he was standing there. And he just Dow took off Robinson taken to a local hospital for observation. She says now she's going to ask the MTA to change her to a different bus route police they have not made any arrests. No, one Lleyton NBC, News Radio New York. The Mississippi suspect accused of shooting deputy last night is dead of an apparent self inflicted wound. Marshall county sheriff Kenny Dickerson said the man who has not been identified walked out of the house took a couple steps towards deputies pulled a gun out of his shorts and shot himself came hours after the man had allegedly shot at. Deputy two or three times with a rifle. He barricaded himself inside a home but began walking in and out as he continued talking to negotiators the deputy was taken to a Memphis hospital. His condition is unknown. Japan is looking for ways to deal with a nationwide problem that appears to be getting worse. Correspondent Bill Zimper has that story. It's a population problem that has Japanese officials concerned latest numbers show Japan's population decline for the eighth straight year last year with a drop of almost three hundred thousand the largest yearly decline on record. In addition. Their population continues to age the working age population hitting a record low percentage set just after World War Two. The Lakers are looking for a new head. Coach Luke Walton had agreed with management to step.

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