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Long Island will tell you that how it's turned will tell you that we all grew up. Mark Levin will tell you that from Pennsylvania, where he grew up outside of Philadelphia will all tell you That we developed our love of talk radio off this thing of ours. They call it to spoken word. You know, it's Archie Fart. They spoke or get out. Idiots talk radio. From listening to Bob Grant, the king of all talk radio. Let's go to Frankie and broken your turn to be hurt. He had w A B shape. Frankie Curtis, what's happened? I just wanted to tell you I saw around Sid Rosenberg a few times accusing wheel is and Sheepshead Bay for money that the old people And I wanted to ask you about a movie They put out about you a long time ago. It was like a after school special something I can't find it on the Internet you're talking about. We're fighting back with the CBS movie. Was out. Dad had a few rotations out there about to start of the Guardian Angels in the Bronx when we were the Burger Boys at that Mickey D's on Fordham Road and Webster. Yeah, it's It's like lost in the abyss, I guess not even considered a B movie anymore. So how do you find? We're fighting back if anybody can find it. Please let us know. We need to revive that. In fact, Frank Marana was asking me about that this morning was driving out. You know, West shorts, Westway. Naturally. Traffic always backed up. What they had to do something I become Mayor. I want to do something about the West Shore expression, you realize if you live in out In the South Shore, Staten Island and you're trying to drive into Manhattan. You could get to Atlantic City in 90 minutes out of rich quashing, Right? Turnpike Con State Parkway. Atlantic City. Special 8 90 minutes. You're there. You're already shooting craps. And you still stuck somewhere on the beach. You he trying to get to Manhattan? That is crazy. It's got to be changed. That's gotta be changed. Anyway. Let's go to Tony Use calling from White Plains your turn to be heard here. W A. B C. Tony? Yeah, Chris, First of all, you're You're right about Bob Grant. But listen, I hope these dumb, stupid liberal communists don't destroy the boy Scouts like that. I mean, don't destroy the military like that destroyed the Boy Scouts. I mean, what I mean? Uh, dumb, stupid liberal. You know, I can't be a liberal, few communists. It's totally different, and by the way, the Boy Scouts have not been destroyed. What did the boy Scouts doing its once he establishment Democrats you're doing as AOC tries to destroy them. They're pimping off of Republicans. Notice what a boy scouts who are they recruiting Girl Scouts to survive Girl Scout so that the girl scouts Congar Oh, out there like intention, servants and sell. That's a mobile cookies that immense and the Boy Scouts will make all the money, right? And they're getting girls to join the boy Scouts. Just write some schmuck putts. Republicans out there. We'll join you Doom. Acquit O help the establishment Democrats. They claim they love us. Yeah. Treat you like a Gromada asked him may take me there the next club meeting. I'd rather not time telling you there's only two members and hope to begin with. It's embarrassing. Anyway. Let's go to Aunt me away. You calling from Anthony? New Jersey your turn to be heard here and me. Okay. Trump Sleep Watch 2024 1 will take back America. The other world guarded I like that. But the combination of trump and sleep well, like ammonia and bleach. We've had a love hate relationship. Oh, yeah. I mean, at times we've been like Sim particle. At other times E think he would have preferred a sitting down with Nancy Pelosi and Kurdish Leiva. Good idea, but then ain't in the cards. Donald Trump the George Steinbrenner of American politics that says a lot in that anyway, Let's go to Jack and broken your turn to be heard. He had to be ABC. Jack whenever anybody else, Bob Grant, how he was doing. He always say what's on your mind, sir? He would never answer just so right. He hated that. That's why I hate that. Because she has. Ah, how you doing, then I gotta ask you how you doing and you hear this? It's like a tic with all talk radio hosts. Even the big guys have heard Mark Levin do that. It's a mark. How you doing? How are you doing? Stop that. Stop the pleasantries. Let's just get down to brass tacks. Brilliant Call! Brilliant Call, Let's go to Tony and broken your turn to be heard here. W A. B. C If you believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Bible. Then you know that America is a Babylon a great and they're about the bonus bitch down. Wow. I guess I better convert to becoming Jewish and believe in high shaman. Steady chase. See? Burn it down, man. It sounds like Hawk Newsome of Black lives matter in New York. Remember Burning down, Bernie? Hey, Boo. Bring him to the White House. Bring him to the White House. Uh, broad boys lock him up. But black. I've got to bring him to you Think maybe both should belong to Think maybe both, uh let's go A lot of jokes today. A lot of juice fcf from New Jersey your turn to be her, Joey. Yes, New York is such a great place. How come everybody bailed and a mortgage charity? Well, not necessarily true. Let me explain that, Joe said New York such a great place and it's such a great place. Why so many people bail and come to Jersey what I was out in Staten Island today. And I was thinking about that. How many of my relatives were in Brooklyn? And he will build in the plank was remember. I was at the white castles on 86th Street in bay, which no longer there Was having belly button belly busters. Sliders with my uncle at the time of in Jen's who was involved in pigeon racing. Oh, man, he was visiting a coop. I'm not going to tell you how he was trying to pull along a few Boston Baldies said, not pay the right price. But anyway, we had a bag of belly sliders. They're building the plank the various on a bridge and he goes to me A Curtis one young Fi M oy..

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