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I love Jeff Schwartz, Doug dot Li, they bought the heat today. Jim Jackson in fifteen minutes. Big story about Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady that was yesterday. So I'll start with Garoppolo quote. He talked about his time a Tom Brady. He said, quote, when I got there, I thought in my head I'm better than this dude, you believe in yourself. That's the best way to put it. We got along, but, oh, always times we wanted to kill each other. It was a healthy competitive relationship and media freaked out. What are you saying? This is unacceptable. It's completely acceptable because he never set it New England. I can say whatever I want about an organization when I'm gone. I'm not being disruptive. If I say things while I'm in the organization while I'm not starting, then I'm disruptive folks. This is what the media does. The NBA season's over the NFL seasons, not here, and we got about a two and a half to three and a half weeks stretch where you gotta find things to talk about. And so we want finnick answers from athletes. They give refined smart authentic answers, and the media wildly overreacts driving in this morning. Six shows all they're talking about capital navy said that about Brady who cares? He's not New England anymore. He didn't say it when he was there. He wasn't disruptive in the locker room. This is why athletes speaking cliches. Don't wanna get burned. This is white NFL teams and NBA teams have rookie, suppose hymns. So they tell athletes what to say to questions, because if you're Sani down time of the year, when a little slow like now people go crazy member, Josh Rosen few months ago, quarterback rookie for the Zona cardinals talking about the media, what drives them crazy. I thought it was great. That's been my whole team of this of this draft processes. Authenticity is I'm gonna be me because that's who the people want to see. I mean, the media constantly gets mad at Bill Belichick and all these guys, my schools, new coach, chip Kelly, forgiving one toured responses, and they're getting mad at them like give us more than if you guys more and then you guys lose your minds over pick which one do you want the athlete in the quarterback in the NBA star to be authentic and to be honest. And if if they are then let's not go crazy on it. Let's have some emotional discipline and realize what he said did not disrupt the patriots. In fact, you could. You could argue it's kinda cagey. Take plant little seeds of doubt, say a bunch of stuff now when you're out the door, and if it gets into Brady's head, which it wouldn't, but it could with some quarterbacks, then maybe it's an advantage down the line, but there's nothing to see here by the way. Jimmy Garoppolo is really good looking. So Cam Newton. So Alex Smith. So is Russell Wilson ever noticed that about the NFL those Tom Brady ever notice Joe Montana, Troy Aikman Evernote. Dan Marino ever notice this. It's called quarterback face. Jimmy Garoppolo best can do arguably in the league NFL scouts in GM's like quarterbacks who have facial symmetry. Why? Because if they were good looking at six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven years old growing up..

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