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John Kelly Barrett Jones College football on ESPN radio watching number one Alabama. Put it on. Ls you tonight 45 to 14. But it's Tiger football after a fumble by slave Bolden, TJ, filling the tigers from their own 26 off to Ty Davis Price running to his left. Won't get much. Maybe to bring up second down Jamie Burrows. Jameel Burroughs actually helps the DJ Dale on the stop. 45 14 Bama. Partners. Barrett Jones tonight former National Champ Hand Al American in Alabama, he said his home studio just outside of Memphis, I'm Sean Kelly from the carriage House Studios and Madison Girl. Finley on second and eight, looking to throw out of the shotgun checks down, dumps it off underneath, caught and spun down the 35 John Hemery seven yard reception from Emory, who scored a 54 yard touchdown run back in the second quarter. Third in the yard here for L s U. The 31 family reaches under center takes the snap. It speaks forward for his 2nd 1st down Russian Tonight that'll move the chains as he reaches the 36 yard line. Well, good use of tempo there got a villain quickly as Alabama was still getting sorted out. Friendly. One of his best qualities is that he's got a great built for a quarterback at 66 to 42 use that big body pushes way forward in the pile of pick up that hard earned your Trips right there in tight ball to left hash family out of the shotgun. Face it the title of his price all day to throw checks down throws underneath, Caught and then he completed may be pulled away here. The ball was caught by Gilbert, the freshman tied and then it appears maybe stripped right out of his hands or the 30 yard line. They're trying to untangle this and there's a wrestling match down underneath the umpire. Gilbert.

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