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Seen Yeah Larry Henry. Our friend he just posted something the other day. I guess it's up for sale. You know and that that was Frank Costello. He's got kind of started. Tropicana him and Phil can still again. You know same same group of guys over guys that were sort of behind that. So that's the famous story. When he got when Frank Castillo got shot and they were looking through his pockets and everything he had this piece of paper that had all the all the game propaganda that day. They figured long interesting numbers on this. I thought that was kind of interesting. I mean it's it's amazing to me. That place is still standing to be really honest. Like that and the Flamingo El Cortez. That they're even still there. The beverly unfortunately shutdown it burnt down in a fire and then they rebuilt it they but when it came back it came back as a as a supper club. I got this book from Ron. Ross as well this is a really good book on the history of the Beverly Damon author that. This is called the beverly by Nancy. Gould GECK's Okay G. E. X. It's a illustrated and written history of the beverly. Yeah it's got some great old pictures in it kind of the same as the the food for King's book I was talking about with a diamond. Jim Moran got some. If you're interested in New Orleans if a ton of New Orleans history there's just old flyers old menus old pictures Jim rand's restaurants were him and costal were great friends. And this book got tons of great pictures of him and Costello together in hot springs in New Orleans. I mean the the entertainers and the boxers sports people and so if that were involved in these guys just if you're interested in that timeframe and that kind of you know I definitely am. It's a it's a great little collection of pictures and stories so definitely recommend it Casey. This has been great and let you know. I just talked to a friend of mine. Got Some connections down there in the New Orleans area and he was talking to somebody in the connected the GAG Lonzo family you know the modern integration of the mafia down there became Frank Ganglia no family and they have a restaurant down there and he. He told me that he understood that. There's still a lot of machines out there and there's always gonna be poker machines. I'm not sure what the legal status of it down there now are not everyone's different Every state's different on that but can't keep up with it. It's not anymore but this bag saying going on. They were complaining that all their machines Pity machines that take with way way down or the began unsure there've been other been in machines. Yeah it's got. I don't know if you're going to be able to see this at all that's That's where Ron went. That's one of rank his restaurants. Yeah one of his restaurants there you get into the best exactly what we got. Yeah I've never had one before it was good famous for. That's what this guy said. He said Yeah I said they make a heck of a move. Let it down. There definitely recommend go if you get a chance to bind the FBI came to him Knew he had some connection than it was in the penitentiary so they go visit people periodically in the penitentiary. That they think might. They're working on somebody and they. They asked him. They said that will who's You know what about Gag Llanos down there? I hear you know them. And and he said you know he said. I hear they mega heck of a move lettuce sandwich. They do test them I did. He told his aged he was way up. North North or South Dakota said Matty said what did you do to get get station way out in the boonies like this interview ended pretty quick a yeah. Who knows what's going on down there still Like I said if you're interested in it definitely go to the crescent city mafia murder mysteries because there's people that are much more up on what the current state of that is on the slot machine deal with one little story I can tell just before we're done. Here is one of the relatives of Franken. I've talked to her. Father worked for them and they were related and everything and he used to work at the beverly but for a long time. They had one of the slot machines at the House and she's not sure what happened to it. It ended up disappearing but oh man if they still have that widar defense. I would love to have one of those or you know so you'd have to outbid. You'd have to outbid than my museum that I think. Would I'd have to outbid Ronald Rawson to help? He's quite a collector of always another thing So if you're on that site east got just you know that's where I got all my memorabilia from there. But he's got glasses menus chips and stuff like that The the Museum. They have some beverly chips there and they have one of these glasses as well but if you look at the chips the chips beverly is spelt wrong and the story that I've heard is. They spelled the name on the chips wrong on purpose in case they got confiscated. They could claim they weren't from yes. There's an E. Y. And I think just a beverly with the why so you guys are always thank you all right. Thanks a lot. I see you have quite a mob library five families by that Selwyn Raab. I think he's quite an expert. You got you know. Most of this is almost all in some way. Costa's except for I got your back here in your DVD's and stuff but pretty much all the stuff that I've got is either directly about frank or about somebody that he was associated with scenes kind of. But you know that's one of the good things like I've said in the past about him is. There's a lot of reading material all right. Let me finish this off If you're a veteran and you believe you have problems.

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