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10 16 new claims for jobless benefits fell a bit last week but remain had historically high levels discount 751,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis. And Elizabeth Konkle is a labor market economist with indeed hiring lab, she tells The New York Times We are moving in the right direction, but not nearly as quickly as we need. This week. Surgeon Corona virus cases in the Midwest could mean a new round of jobless claims to come if states imposed lockdowns or of people feel uncomfortable going to stores and restaurants. Meantime, when things were opening up last quarter, US economy grew at its fastest pace ever. The Commerce Department said Gross domestic product increased 33% in the third quarter as efforts continued to reopen businesses and resume activities that were postponed or restricted due to covert 19. It followed a 31% drop in GDP during the second quarter of the year, And though the third quarter growth sets a record, the economy is still trying to heal from the virus inflicted damage. That's correspondent Aaron Carter Ski Mayor de Blasio is reportedly plotting a way to kill the deal for the Mets to be sold to hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen. New York Post says the Blasio called Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred earlier this month and told him he was opposed to the idea of Cohen buying the team. He also threatened to use his oversight power of the lease at Citi Field. To prevent the sale from being finalized. Colin once pleaded guilty to insider trading and paid $1.8 billion in fines. Earlier this week, the mayor said he was just doing due diligence on the transaction. Major league owners or scheduled a vote on the sale tomorrow. United Airlines thinks it's figured out a way to get more people to fly. It'll begin a trial program next month to give rapid covert tests free of charge to all its passengers. At first, this will only be on a flight from Newark to London. Passengers will have to arrive three hours prior to departure. Those who test positive will receive a refund or be re booked. At a later date. Wins news time 10 18 contact brought to you by being at a New York's ultimate camera superstore. Getting the new iPhone If you're planning to trade in your old one, Yahoo Tech editor Dan Hallie says, first back it up to your computer or iCloud, then wipe it clean with a factory reset. You have to clear out all of the data on your old iPhone. Because if you don't then people can get access to your phone number of your calendar. Your text messages, your photos your Web history. Then you could get some money for it. Apple, For instance, you can.

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