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And on days like today, I we I appreciate it even more than you take the time for us because it has been crazy. Yes, but a little crazy started about 7 A.m. and You know, I would say, uh, I would say it's been somewhat wild in the fact that it's over is Great, definitely great. Let's not do it again next year, So we obviously were surprised by the news of John Elway stepping down from the G M rolled today. Have you heard any names being thrown about? And I mean, look, our concern here in Denver is obviously that there are seven GM openings and I can't remember a time in my life where there's been that many GM openings and an off season I can't remember either. It's you know, I don't know It's unprecedented, but it's definitely unfamiliar. You know, I think for the Broncos couple names I've heard Champ Kelly from the Bears. Obviously, a familiar name spent some time in Denver. Adam Peters, who the 40 Niners plucked and We'll see. Potentially groomed, um He obviously has his ties to Denver and was there as well. David Ziegler, who's a nica serial lieutenant in New England. Um, he's a name to watch, too. I mean, there's gonna be some big names. There's gonna be some under the radar guys. Think this is a really good opening, The questions about the ownership will probably need to be answered The questions of You know how involved Elway be also probably need to be answered, but I think it's really good. And you know, I would say, I think it is time. I think it is the right move for this organization at the right time. And after last night, I'm trying to figure out. Is there a better way to determine the NFL draft and how it is handled after seeing the Eagles? Do what they did last night in a game that could have changed the NFL playoff scenarios by just continuing to play Jalen hurts. Um, that was an embarrassment. I'm not gonna lie. You know, I can't. I can't sit around here and say that I thought that that was anything other than the Eagles trying not to win the game. She's finishing because, you know, I was watching like everyone else, and I didn't. That was not my reaction. I'm not saying it. You know, not true. Whatever that my reaction was. Not that to me was similar to what the bills did, which is pulled their starters toe what viewers did, which is leave all their starters home. Um, you know, we've had a couple of teams. Go to the bench midway through the final game to get guys wraps because they didn't matter what and I'm not. So I mean because it was on national TV. I think it was more attention the Eagles, but I'm still not quite sure how it's so different. I mean, Yes, They got three picks better in the first round, because, uh, you know, is 1/6 pick more likely to be a success than ninth pick. I would say. Probably not. I would say it's probably very similar. I just I don't know. I mean, maybe because it was so much there was so much focus on it because it helps someone else get in the playoffs. Maybe, but At first glance. Um, I certainly did not. I was not as offended by that everybody else. I'll say that you know, the part that was offensive is that we all understand and And big time football with plenty of time left on the clock, you know, kicked up to kick the field goal so that you get the three points to tie the game and we can continue to talk about ways to win. But it just I don't know, man. I know I'm not the only guy that is voiced his concern about the way that that season and it is there any any conversation around NFL circles about how to execute a draft, so teams just don't take it. No, no. I mean, I would say the NFL stands on this in general. Not specific is, um, is basically that the Who plays is up to the teeth, right? I mean, You have to. I don't even know if there is I don't actually think there's a rule that says you have to, you know, act in the best interest of the game or whatever and player guys, I don't think so. I think it's really up to the team. If you want to lose every game, you can you get fired, But you can I just, You know, I don't know of a better way. I don't think a lot of these very good either. I'm not a fan of that at all. I mean, if you you know, if you go one in 15, I mean You should get the number one pick, right? I mean that, you know, Now they get to go toe your fate. I give you an incentive not to go. One of 15 No. Yeah, that that isn't it, you know, And I do think in that the NFL tried to sort of do that when they made these division games happen at the end of the year, so that they would actually mean something. Right and what they did. You know, it's obviously didn't help us this year, but one time he just didn't ramp up the Giants Eagles robbery. I mean, if you heard the words of Joe Judge just obliterate the eagle is a couple minutes ago. You know, you say things like, you know, you'll never see that from my Giants, as long as I'm head coach here and just really leave them as a rotting carcass on the side of the road. Um, it's gonna AMP up the rivalry. I mean, it is not going to be pretty when they play next year..

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