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External, establishing your extended transaction team for GonNa, be dedicated to Ama function outside of corporate development, and then establishing your your your processes processing your templates, actually do the work. Okay this is good stuff so when we look at internal people and I like the view of rope it in the business leaders, because obviously they're gonNA have a view in terms of where the gaps are in the business and opportunities and so forth. What's that conversation like? Break Down for me in terms of how you would approach him and be outlined that conversation to frame it in the right way and get them thinking about sort of what you're trying to get out of them. Yeah, I mean it starts with you, know I I go in with the attitude of you know this is about you. It's not a it's not about me, and then that's that is the right attitude. How can I help? But she help you achieve your business goals through. Amadeu transactions or other strategic transactions. This would apply to you know partnerships or making investments. Strategic investments in in in partners as well performance tighter bond with those companies. and. It's really about getting into a dialogue of what their priorities are. What what their history has been in either meeting. Those priorities are where you know they. They've fallen short under getting an understanding of you know the reasons for for both the successes, and the and the you know areas where they've fallen short, and then explaining to them, you know how I can help given given all given that as the backdrop you know given their perspective as the backdrop. Explaining to them how I can help them as as a corporate development leader, and and you know through through strategic transactions into as a tool to help them meet their objectives. Are you. Stay in touch with the top of mind. Yeah a lot of its informal, and that's why you talk about building the network. Some of it is just you know striking up personal relationships with these with these folks, so it's a charge..

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