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Brother, Johnny Nash head to Nashville with fifteen to my best. This is what I need, Johnny. You guys gotta make some noise on Sunday. Angela. We had twelve twelve of us going. Okay, right. It's my favorite city. I've been here about five times for all the listeners. It doesn't know what Knoxville's like, it's it's it's one of the best cities you can ever ever ever like visit. That's not on the coast. It's if you could picture there. It's got a main strip called Broadway from fifth street all the way to Front Street is nothing but live music hot women and a good time. What do you mean? I didn't hear the part about the hot woman till you just I heard a lot about the music. There's a lot of really hot women. And I'm telling you, man, they they know how to dress, and they are so sweet. And so nice. They got that southern charm. Bit different down there. They're sweeter than here. Right. John. Believes. This is the best city you you could ever want to visit. And you will just have a best on natural has grown. They're saying one hundred people a day are moving to Nashville so much in the past ten years. I'd like you a big country music fan, John I manage I didn't grow up at music a country music fan because I I actually grew up in Delco, but I I went into the Marine Corps. And you know, I became a country fan over great. Johny I- Tampa was not great with the fan reaction. We need a much better showing in Tennessee on Sunday. And we're gonna I'm telling you we're gonna we're going to this is what it's going to be like, I usually go to national to get away from Alcoa and nights. Yeah. I'm actually going to go to Nashville, and it's going to be you're going to be running into so many people that you know, because we're going to infiltrate, and I I we were now like you need to take that Broadway and turn it green. You know, what I'm saying, Johnny rea-? Remember, all the people we had this rally in LA like three thousand eagle fan, Johnny. You gotta get all those people wearing the eagle stop. And even before the game. The word will get out. I'll be eagles are invading our city. It's going to be amazing, and you can walk to the stadium from there. I wanna say this all the people that are going. Everybody thinks that the tailgate party is in the in the parking lot. This city is different. I'm gonna explain to you why. Because like I said from fifth street to punctured on Broadway is is is basically we're party at parties at at right at St. there's a pedestrian bridge that goes right over to the stadium the parties on port. That's where the tailgate party is going to be. That's where be and I'm telling you man, it's going to be a sea of green. All right. Let's be you'd need to call me Monday. Because you're doing a lot of good here. People listening. Lots of people say go ahead and down. And you're giving them the information on what they need to do. We gotta take over that stadium jot. Yeah. I do love national. But I do have. I do have a city. You got you got you got. Thank you, brother. Sandiego? I love San Diego. Listen, Johnny Dr fishes, he's very happy about your activists asked media. He wants you to do ego chair ready. Yup. Oh. Go marines through them reason. Reading Giannis, you stay right there, Johnny. How great is that guy? See we need a whole bunch of those. I need to know when I'm watching that game in my living room that people have taken the trouble to fly all the way to Nashville pay all that money. Yeah. And do that. Because then I'll know that the eagle defense the defense doesn't play as well when they don't have fans for them. Oh, their home their home field advantage. It's huge. They gotta we gotta turn that. We gotta win out. Do not lose this game. I'm gonna tell you right now. Doc, I'm going to have to talk to you a Monday if they lose this game. I was hiding behind the couch on Sunday really my eyes were poking up in the top of the couch on the on the fourth and go play. I was so scared because when they lose I get depressed. Do you know what I make an appointment? With doesn't have any offices in jersey. You have to come over here. You don't have any jersey doesn't pay anything. Nobody.

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