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Throw. And I think that's why it lets people uneasy. Because it's like, all right, man, we could have just watched this going to overtime or at least that offense really earned it with a touchdown. With all that said, Bradbury came out said it was a holy thought he can get away with it. Other eagles players basically said it's not his fault. We shouldn't have put him in that position. You're never going to look at one play. And that's me all day long. So one, if this ever gets to Brad, after he's listening, bro, you're good. Do you explain it one time? You said it was a whole let it go, man. You had a good year. Don't worry about it. Because whether it's me as a wide receiver, dropping a fourth quarter pass that could have won the game or if somebody else making a mistake. I would walk into that locker room not pointing the finger at that one person. I absolutely am disgusted by teammates that can walk into the locker room and barking about one guy or go to the media and say, that guy ruined the game or blew the game for us. That just, I don't know, it makes my skin crawl, except like that's the weakest way to reflect what is the totality of the game. And in all reality, it's your team is good enough, it would have never got to that point. And I'm not talking about the eagles in particular. I'm just talking about teams that do place blame on a guy. I love what the eagles did. I love everything about how they responded to that flag. You know, and I still think with all of what happened, the eagles had an amazing year. So many guys on that roster proved to be superstars in this league. It's just unfortunate the game ended on what looked like a flag. And it's interesting, Nate, burleson, that you rope the NBA in here now because the Bradbury hold of juju Smith Schuster turned or centered was the center of NFL Twitter turning into NBA Twitter yesterday when juju Smith Schuster on Valentine's Day put out a meme of like it was a Valentine's Day card. I'll hold you and it matters most and a photo of James Bradbury up there seeing happy Valentine's Day, everybody. I saw that. I'm like, wow. And I liked juju. I think he's exuberant and I like his energy, but this is a line crossed. Don't you think? Right there? Yep, 100%. I like being honest with you, rich. Yes. And that's why I can appreciate your platform. Thank you. And I also like, I like showing the duality of how people can sing. So just like you, I like juju, I actually love them. I say, I think that type of energy on the field is necessary. And you need a guy like that. That can have fun and moments where maybe the four player you forget, we're playing a kid today. And maybe we do play, we play better when we're playing loose. So you need it for that. And on top of that, when he's healthy and on top of his game, he's a big we saw what he did in his younger days as a steeler. On the flip side of that, here's where the duality kicks in, I think that move was very lame. So, and if I saw you driving like, bro, that was lame. Why did you do that? Because, you know, you know Bradbury feels bad. Now, whether there's some beef between the two, some trash talk or they have some stuff going on in the past and you were just trying to take a dig at them. Maybe that's understandable. But if you don't know him from a can of paint, he's just another competitor. There's this, they're unwritten rules. Amongst his brotherhood, even though we're competitors, we're in the same fraternity. I'm not going to pour more dirt on you as you're laying on the ground suffering. He feels absolutely terrible for that hold. Don't go out there and retweet or repost a meme like that. And you know, I like AJ brown's response. He's like, he's like, yo, congratulations first. Let me get this out the way. And this is what I mean, this is what I mean by the duality and the respect within this fraternity and brotherhood. Hey David, I was like, yo, congratulations out the way. So nobody can say that I'm mad about the loss. And then he went on to say your TikToker and you got your career revived, but I'm a home. This that in the third and then you never liked that, don't act like you were. And then he ends with but congratulations again. That right there sums up a real mans emotion that just lost the game. And the guy that's pure heart. He's like, yo, real talk. Congratulations. I want a Super Bowl. That's dope. What you just did was super duper lane. So let's just, let's just, you know, let's leave that for everybody else. That's for that's what the guys in the basement that troll, not the ones that put the jerseys on and line up on Sunday. Plus, I mean, the whole country is talking about this hold, right? And many people think they call the penalty call was lame, or should not have been called. I had the same approach as you Nate, which is like, yeah, did he tug his Jersey? Yes. It's a hold. Bradbury even admitted to hold, but do you call it in that situation? The conversation, not like you, and part of the reason why he held his juju did make a nice move on him. You're a good move on, but read the room. Read the room before you hit send on that one. And let's just oh my gosh. What it is, rich like there's been cars throughout you just career where you didn't necessarily read the remote or read the locker room. So, you know, it was an immature model. And I just hope anybody from it. And he's like, you know what, maybe that was a bit much. He should have just like, you know what made it what made people kind of like an easy about it? It was like, well, you should be celebrating. You should be above all of this right now. Like, you're on cloud 9. You should even know what's happening happening on the ground level right now. We shouldn't even see you, bro your feet should be leaving the earth for the next week or so. Come back to earth with us and get on Twitter and be like, oh, that was funny. Do that a week later, but not like within hours. Winning the biggest game of your life. Too soon, you might not, it might be too soon, like forever more for a lot of people.

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