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I think he's a heavy. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to have you hit. Because you one of the founding members of grams haney and i recall when the course was running i was always saying your name pop up in the community group and he really stood out to me because you would always leave the most genuine comments and feedback for hateful and i always thought i need to learn more about aleisha. Like what is his story. Sartre fossil months. And you're here now on the puck cost so it's so funny 'cause usually like i'm the passing that seats back into observe. Everybody else having a conversation. I was like no this time. I'm gonna like each action. You know they involve am different side of me but yeah it was awesome before we dive into learning more about you. And what do i would love to. Shed two things about yourself that most people don't know about you and you knew it was coming to the fun. 'cause i was like what can i say probably i think people always really struck me. I say how old i am. Because i'm only twenty two But everyone always says. I'm like an old so find out like when they're working with me like clients. Oh my gosh. you're younger than me. How you only twenty. So i am on the very young baby And the way actually got one of my job. It's not really an unknown factor. Timing interesting story. And the way that my job at the gym. That i look at. Which is it. We change alongside. Okay maui jim i apply the job and i go off of the job before i got my certificate as a taytay. I was so excited. And i was like this is so i went away fly fertile. And then she's got the job and i was like. Oh my god. I haven't even got my certificate yet. Have an avian any of this stuff. She's joe justify for it..

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