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I can made it dog. Oh yeah, we're so I was so happy for. I had spent ten years making like six grand a year, and then I did punked which I it took a year to shoot and I made eighteen grand before taxes. Were you ever upset with astronaut even though he sorta got your star? No real. Like you know, I would've I would've paid to be on TV at that point. And then because of punked I got to be in that movie without a panel and then yeah. And then all of a sudden I'm gonna make like a couple of hundred thousand dollars. I mean my head. I couldn't believe. It like it would have been more polite to not come in until you exactly what I was making. I was so excited. You could do that. You could do that with your friends? Yes. Squeeze between actors is it can be dicey to talk now. I mean, I think I talked to you about your salaries. My salaries. Yes, because it will look. A lot of times my are thought is it's I think it comes from humble place where it's like, hey, we got a job now, but remember that money's for now. And once I'm unemployed, I haven't worked in like eight. I, in fact, I don't work unless you have a movie you're making. Are you not doing imposter again? All you got cancelled. It got cancelled. He's find that on what competing knows fine. A great two seasons. I had a great time doing it. I had a bit on guardians of the galaxy. They CGI my face. I went and saw guardians of the university. But but I was it was like I was to, you know, when you're a kid and you you, you go to like a block party and they've they've dumped change in a big thing. Assad us. Yeah. And you're like looking for a quarter, so I couldn't relax that whole movie because I was on such high alert looking for you or your because I knew you were in it. I was like really excited to see you and I almost I missed ninety percent of the movie because the whenever the league characters are talking, I'm just I'm fucking scanning the background. Like where's Rosenman? Where's rose. I was looking for you and Steve AG the whole Tonia age. You could see. Man, he's helped by the fact that he's six seven. Yes, that is. But James said, hey, we're going to see GI your face. And I said, you know, I started to get a complex, but he said, look, you're gonna be was sly for three scenes. It could branch into something else. It's your old guardian in rocky seven. I might be in Raleigh, seven. I was really looked back to you. I wanna go back to the apartment. I want to go back to the apartment shitty apartment. I I don't really remember you being at that apartment. I'd love to hear. I did because I I remember this. I remember going there shit hole everybody and it was a shithole. It was just she's lived in this house. I already lived in my house here and I was starting. So it was doing a small new dad was a big fan. God bless your dad wrote may rest in peace. He was a smallville fan, yes. And that really made me. I remember when you said, hey, my dad will that made my day. Thank you well in not only was he a small Ville fan? He specifically was elects Luther fan, it was you do using. That's why we became friends because you your dad like me. No. That really poor excuse? We became friends because I was very flattered, we were at like some kind of weird event. I don't know. Like at a bar in you came up to me. You had seen me on punked and I was like, so flattered that dude that I recognize from TV knew who I was. Yeah, and then we became past your fantastic amount show. I mean, you really sold it. I want to get into that to back to the apart. Yeah, I gotta. Here's why I remember it. There was a gang in the neighborhood. Yup. The Santa Monica trace. I don't know if you should. Maybe we'll bleep that out later. Disbanded..

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