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28 southbound traffic jam near the Ashburn and Sterling axis multi vehicle crash, small pickup truck into the left wall oversized load, big truck, and a couple others on the right. It's near the W and od trail bridge and only one center lane gets by the response on 28 south. Into centerville at slow southbound towards 66, and this will be the first afternoon rush hour with tolls in effect for the 66 express lanes, the westbound pace through centerville. Well, the three lanes are packed, the main lanes are very slow, pace improves near bull runs with an eye on that as volumes build on the beltway and I 95 through Maryland and Virginia, two 70 northbound. It's not so bad this afternoon. Southbound delays of ease that a clarksburg, the crash is out of the way 95 southbound is pretty heavy. Coming out of Howard county through Elk ridge towards jessup. But nothing's been reported there. 50 is okay. They're changing the lane configuration at the bay bridge right now, eastbound traffic is paused. Back in Montgomery county sligo creek Parkway remaining closed for a police investigation between Wayne avenue and schueller wrote coming into D.C. on kennelworth avenue, slow southbound. You lose the far right lane. The Lion lane that would go up toward eastern avenue is blocked at a work zone in the district on the southeast Southwest freeway along with D.C. and interstate two 95, volumes continue to creep up, but we're avoiding major incidents on the freeways. The traffic port is sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank, local knowledge, local decisions for commercial banking. It's better at birkin Herbert bank at your service since 1852. Dave dildy WTO traffic. On a storm team four now and Amelia Draper will have lows tonight in the upper 40s to upper 50s after a high today around 80. Today, the warmest day out of the week tomorrow will have highs in the upper 60s to low 70s, with plenty of sun and a bit of a breeze. Cooler on Wednesday with highs in the mid to upper 60s, and then for Thursday and Friday, we'll have highs near 70, with a mix of clouds and sunshine. Over the weekend, some rain is possible from the remnants of Ian. I'm stumping for a meteorologist stimuli at Draper. We are seeing some heavier rain right now in the boonsboro area. It's rolling into the western part of Frederick county, Maryland, will keep an eye on that and closer to the beltway, maybe some spritzes on your windshield this afternoon. Fort belvoir 77, foggy bottom 78, silver springs at 78 and gradually falling into the 50s late tonight. And the latest on hurricane Ian in 60 seconds. Diamonds directs

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