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We are not looking at just anybody can become a popular investor anybody can start having people copy them. for you to do that, we really want to assess your ability to trade or invest your management how you tried, and there are times when people give up they say look this is too hard. That's fine with us. And that's what we're looking to do Sanskrit. It does sound a little bit too good to be true. Not, too good to be true at the end of the day, we liked to think that we're on the cutting edge offering investment or wealth management products That's really Toro's hitting We came into Australia as a safety Pravada whether you listeners understand what see we haven't really currency. Stay away from them. Just. Not Enough of. Antonino exactly what you doing? Yes. That's true. It's probably more an experienced trader or investor to go into that particular area. So, we came in on that but since then we're gravitating woods more the stocks crypto assets is something else that we're interested in and all these other wealth management products. I think that anybody that comes to Toro or looks at us now, and then looks at us in ten years. Time is going to see a company that's evolved a lot and grow a lot I got tell us about how we can make contact. What's this to start? The best way to start is probably go to our website. You can register. So it's www dot eight torah dot com registered there. It's free and you've got apply many. Yes. Facility houses to stop playing with the virtual money. Correct Demo can look I would advise anyone starting out use the demo count to understand how the platform works. Don't use the demo count to learn how to trade the reason being is that. When you trading with ply money? There's no risk management involved here. You're doesn't mean anything to you. You know I'm Gonna I'M GONNA sell that it goes up it goes down on a care. So if anyone thinks that they are going to be learning how to manage risk by using a demo account I can tell you right now you might start off with that intention. But then you get lazy. And then all it might give you a false sense of security. Hey, I turned this demo account one, hundred, thousand, two, hundred, thousand. Well, I need to get started. Yeah I'm a genius I know everything about trading and and they may forget that Hey I bought in a market that was only going in one direction. I bought Tesla and Taylor went through the roof and all of a sudden. Now I know what I'm doing now that's not how it works. So the idea is should be the demo kinda learn how to push buttons out tried. Then what you should do is top small. Understanding that you if you investing site two hundred dollars or fifty dollars,.

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