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House. Take that back. It's twenty eight rooms while Zoia so plenty to choose from. But they choose to share a bedroom with their single beds, young and their crap all over. They sing in there. They dancing there. They bicker in there. They eat in there, and they cook in there. It seems must have had a hot play because they were boiling corn on the cob and spread in butter on it. Under the covers and sharing it with their friend, Barry. Like your Jerry. Their hate area was weight. That's the spoof. Of the same name. No, I did. I watched that one. Oh, I'm pretty sure it's Jerry, okay. There with their friend, Jerry. And all that sexual tension in the air. But at least I got something to bite into. Oh boy. So little eighty hates her life. But also pretty sure she's actually. Okay with it and couldn't survive in the real world. One thing I read had a great point that as many times, as little eighty complains, about living in grey gardens with her mother, because she could've gone to York, and big break was about to happen. And she was to be a dancer, and she had she had a an audition with max Gordon, who made Judy Holliday famous. She could not Hsun read. Yeah. She never complained about the dilapidated house. She only complained about not being in New York in that every wonderful suitor that she had had proposed to her, her mother drove away or she didn't like. Yeah. As much as she complained. Yeah. That is bizarre. She never complained about her living conditions it was just her town, which, by the way, she never explored. She was just always in her house. And we do know that this is discussed a little bit in the documentary. We do know that the town of east Hampton had concerns about the state of the house. Yeah. They were not fans of the fact that their house was seemed to be falling apart. They didn't think it was good living conditions. And so their relative one Jackie Kennedy Onassis. To help them fix this house. So they could stay there. Yeah. And that's how the documentary started. That's how they opened it with newspaper clippings of gotta clean up the house or get out. And then these women are going to be in a film, which is kind of interesting that they opened with. Hey guys, they're going to be in our film await, here's the foam that they're in. So, yeah, they're just kind of fascinated and actually started with Jackie Jackie O's cousin Liz, something her sister, actually. Oh, her sister, Lee Radziwill. Yes. She was like, hey, make a document about my childhood, it's fascinating. And then east Hampton cool place. Yeah. Go over there. And at like toward the bottom of her list of things that they should film, were her, too crazy relatives eating eating. And when they went over there and talked to them, they were like, all right. I think this is documented area and solicit was like fine. By taking the money back, and they're like, that's okay. We're gonna have created successful documentary. And they did. How did they do it? Well, the filmmakers were brothers, Albert in David. Maizels. Nian mazel. Yeah. I did think of that several times as I was researching this not JOL or midge Mazel, or whatever. Joel's dad mom's names are maybe like their great grandparents. Wait. No. It actually be their children. Yes, there may be. Right now. Midges calling her son. Ethan Ethan, Ethan. Maybe one day he changes his name to Albert or David per day, had been known for their nineteen seventy documentary, gimme shelter, which was documenting a nineteen sixty-nine Rolling Stones concert, but a spectator had been killed by members of Hells Angels. So this is how they kind of had their calling card, Lee Radziwill found them. And like you said you explained how she kinda had this old loop back at the family in this town. I love growing up. And so then they got way more interested in filming big idiot little eating as there is much of. I don't know much of interest. There's a lot going on there. And like we said, big union little, eighty in grey gardens itself, was already pretty controversial by the time they showed up and started filming because of just the living conditions that they had there and they had already been asked to revamp the house in because big Idi in little eighty had met the measles during this earlier project, they'd actually gotten to know them in actually, really liked the Maizels brothers. So when the Maizels brothers, ask them, hey, can we come back in film? You and do your own movie. They're like. Yeah. Come on over guys, which is pretty impressive for two reclusive ladies, who don't want anybody to come over so props to them. Yeah. So they spent time filming these two ladies and. It is like, are we said a twenty eight remain Shen and instead of them filming the whole house or trying to get all of the grounds? Tell the story of the house, they really just stuck to these two women mostly in their bedroom. But in a few other rooms of the house, they do make a trip down to the kitchen once for a birthday party and instead, they are showing all the cats all the raccoons that they feed. Yes, they have a whole place where eighty just dumps out a big bag of food for them to eat. And in the attic and they have easy perform her dances. They have the other easy perform her songs. They tell stories about their lives growing up. Little eighty gives her fashion takes and hell make easy gives her. Notes about how little eat doesn't like to clean. The Maizels have gotten some criticism for people who have watched the documentary and said, this is a little voyeuristic is a little bit taking advantage of two women who seem to not be all with it kind of, like our discussion of missing Richard Simmons, but the Mazel stand by their work in actually once the two eighty saw they both really liked this movie little eating hot came to the premier even after they had both seen the movie isn't that bizarre to you. The. But, you know, I, I watched an interview with the director and he talked more about that. So I watched an interview with Albert Maizels, and I, 'cause I had that same question of, like, how did you make this documentary about these two crazy people and feel about it? And he the interviewers asked him that and he takes it head on. Is there part of you when you're filming poor little? She keeps telling you, I wanna get out of here, and I want to be dancer, isn't that part of you that knows, though, that she does think this, this movie is will make me and we'll get me out. Are you kind of not playing into that delusion of hers in some way her?

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