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My thanks is always clicking and listening along. Perhaps you can hear the excitement in my voice today. Because i've a conversation with one of my favorite people on earth. The great jane creek hausky. She's incredibly talented. She's incredibly funny. She's incredibly charming. And we've got a good long talk with her for you today. She's got so much going on. I'll try to remember it all. She's hosting a name that tune. A new updated version of name that tune with randy jackson leading the band. She stars in a pair of apple. Tv plus series. One called schmidt dune which plays into her theater and musical roots. Where basically the plot is. This couple wanders through the forest and happens upon entire world. They can't escape from where everyone is. Living in an old broadway musical need. I say more she also plays emily dickinson's mother in the apple. Tv plus series dickinson. She's got so much going on as always you've known her since she was a kid. She started a soap opera when she was super young. Got nominated twice for emi's she was cousin vicky and vacation one of the great movies of all time and one of the most memorable characters in that awesome movie and she sent ally mcbeal thirty rock. The unbreakable kimmy schmidt. She's done so much in her life to say nothing of her career on broadway where she wanted tony award in two thousand three. She truly does it all and she's just so fun to be around and so fun to talk to. We got together at a rooftop bar and restaurant in new york city. Kind of a garden on a nice breezy summer day You're gonna hear some background noise as you've gotten used to on this podcast. Were sitting outside in new york city. So they'll be some fire trucks and some garbage trucks backing up. Maybe some light crime out on the streets who knows what we're in for. I think they'll you'll enjoy this conversation again with one of the all time greats and just such a fun person to be around it. Is jane creek hausky right now on the sunday. Sit down podcast. I jane. How are you going to see you. It's great to see you..

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