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These exploding numbers. And, of course, the publisher changed. The name of the book, you know, probably would've sold more copies. If we had kept the original. It came out right is the pandemic was starting. But the point was, we drilled into all of these diseases like HIV and we drilled into polio and really told those stories and said, How was it? That we were able to get ahead of these diseases. And that was the idea of the operation worked speed, and we came up with sort of a formula and the formula's pretty simple. It's called a pact. Each letter stands for something so we have to prevent. We have to advocate we have to care, and we have to develop new treatments, and that's gonna be the path forward for us. And so you can think through. That's when we think about prevention. Maybe there are chemicals. Maybe there are pesticides. When we think about advocacy. We've got to get out there and be more aggressive and tell our story and let people know we're really worried about this growth, and we need to do something about it. When we think about C for care. We've got expanding numbers of peoples. We have to develop treatments and take care of them. And then, of course, we need to increase that in H budget by 10 times or more, and that's why we've sent 25,000 cards to the White House Red cards, the White House Advocating for you know not only banning certain chemicals and pesticides that we know multiple studies have shown us are a danger keeping telemedicine, which is not permanent, you know as part of Parkinson care, so we can go into the homes of folks with Parkinson and then also increasing that national institutes health budget by 10 times, So we're going to get to 100,000 red cards. We doing it at ending Parkinson dot order ending pd dot organ. All our proceeds from this book are all going to charity. Now, Dr Okun. How would a vaccine actually work for Parkinson's? I believe I read in my notes here something about that It's similar in a sense to the cove it vaccine because like how it affects the SARS type viruses that that accurate well, there's a couple of different approaches that you can take in manufacturing of Seen in some of the vaccines that have been manufactured for covert or like the ones that are already manufactured for Parkinson. And so it might surprise people listening here that there are several companies already in the space there Several patents out there, And the idea is very simple. So in Parkinson, there are these abnormal proteins that deposit on your brain. So you know how you get plaque on your teeth? Think about getting plaque on your brain. Not a great thought. But when you think about it, that's really what's happening here in Parkinson and these vaccines are programmed to go after the proteins in those plaques called Send nuclear and probably a little too much information. But we program it and we programmed the immune system to go get that Seenu, Cleon and clean off the brains. What we don't know at this point is whether or not we'll clean the brains and people will still have Parkinson Justus bad where there will clean the brains off. They'll have less Parkinson or whether will actually turn into being something that's closer to affecting disease progression. So so it's the jury is still out that the safety testing has been done by a couple of companies in this realm, so Do. I think this is the going to be the complete answer to Parkinson? Probably not. But there are some really exciting things coming. And when you think about Cupid 19 think about all the money that's going into the development of new technologies and techniques that's going to drive research and other areas and I'm super excited that it's gonna bring some new things for Parkinson. I'm excited, but I just wish it would have happened decades ago instead of all these people continuing to suffer their entire lives with such a debilitating disease. Thank you so much, Dr Michael open for being on the program. Thanks, Doc. Thank you. Thank you..

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