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Of power. No lights, no news. That's why federal and state agencies urge you to have an emergency radio. Now you can get a free Dynamo World Band Emergency radio. This powerful radio lets you stay informed during any type of emergency. It doesn't even need batteries. It comes with a hand cranked generator and super bright led flashlight. The Dynamo Emergency radio includes the Noah weather band along right I am receiver Ah high sensitivity FM band and even a USB jack to charge cellphones or other devices. The Dynamo Emergency weather Band Radio retails for almost $30. But Newsmax wants to make sure you get this radio. So check out the free offer for the emergency radio by going to get the radio dot com That's get the radio dot com or call toll free 877 Newsmax, That's 877 Newsmax. This radio could save your life. This offer May and soon, so order today. Are you paying too much for term life insurance? There's a tremendous price war. Among the major term life Cos rates have dropped dramatically in the past few years. For example, a man age 45 non tobacco user, $1 million of coverage $75 per month level rate for the next 10 years, or a man aged 15 on tobacco can obtain $500,000 of coverage for a monthly premium of only $110 per month. Guaranteed not to change for the next 20 years. That's right level rate guaranteed not to change for the next 20 years. If you're a smoker, we have great rates available for you as well. At term busters. We specialize in policies of $500,000 above. If you're looking for new or replacement term life insurance, called today for a quote at 105 69 54 40. That's 1 805 69 54 40 You're probably paying more than you should call term Buster's 1 805 69 54 40 or visit our website at term Buster's dot net, remember? 1 805 69 54 40 Rates and availability may vary by state sample right quotes based on preferred non tobacco underwriting exam required to qualify W A. B C traffic in transit traffic at a standstill at one of your Upper East River crossings. I've made Misa learning from the W. A B C Traffic center..

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