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May not have experienced the depth of that darkness yet. You may be attracted by the course in miracles because there is much truth. One of the principles that i learned very quickly. You're never angry for the reason you think you're angry. Will that causes one to delve. More deeply to understand one's own heart and understand why there's bitterness in your heart and anger and it's usually not for the reason you think it's it's there but i would be exhausted after these sessions with the course in miracles. Either teaching leading conferences or walking through the psychotherapeutic work. It was not helpful to me. There were gimmicks that were supposed to help me recover. I found them to be of temporary aid. The long long-term they left me depressed. They left me more hopeless than before i started. It was in the midst of that struggle that i began to earnestly search after jesus. This was many years ago. And i wanna tell you i found jesus and what a gift he is in my heart and my life would a gift. His love is to me because jesus bottom line is always love. I want you to get that today. Write it down. Jesus bottom line is always love and when these new friends said to me. Our bottom line is love. I rejoiced in that statement. Now there's a a great deal of wandering around that goes on in the process but step by step. We either are released from our chains or the chains bind us even more tightly sometimes were in relationships that are very destructive to us led there by our own ego our own lust our own desires or were lead there even by the spirit of god but the partner decides to go the way of darkness to not open their heart to the power of love in. Jesus christ that's a heartbreaking situation. Now i want to pick up the story of saul. He is facing his arch. Enemy the philistines there in ashkelon in gaza they are very powerful and by the way. There's no longer any such thing as philistines. They were all wiped out. I don't even believe there's anything such as palestinians which is connected to philistines. I believe they're egyptians jordanians iraqis afghans. They're not palestinians. That's why god would never approve of a two state solution in israel. Many are trying to push that but in the end it will fail now. The philistines gathered and sent and and solace terrified. We're disinfects samuel. The twenty eighth chapter tear filled his heart but he had moved so deeply into the darkness. He'd so deeply into disobedience and a casting off of the living god of heaven that now he's in a panic and he comes to try to get an answer from god. Twenty eight this is i samuel twenty eight six. He inquired of the lord but the lord did not answer him by dreams or uram or the prophets. It is possible in this soul. Loss situation too. So lose your soul. That you've lost connection with the almighty god of heaven and you have been given over to the powers of darkness and under this condition. You can pray all you want. And god will not answer because the only avenue by which you can come to the lord god of heaven is the avenue of repentance if saul had instead of coming and asking about the philistine army if you'd come in humble humility repenting for how he had treated the god almighty of heaven if he had come repenting for how he treated david or his son. Jonathan if you'd in humility. Before god god answered him but he did not and god would not answer. Some of you listening today will pray and god will not answer and you will say it's useless to pray and frankly i find many christian churches today. Who have totally lost their soul. The lympstone has been removed from them. The holy spirit is long gone because they are churches. If you open the door and look in. They just look like america their institutions their cultures. They're not a body they have given themselves to entertainment and to make believe and inner healing does not happen there. It's all pretence and great churches in the physical realm have been built megachurches. But there's really no presence of god. And so they substitute that for emotionalism in there what they call praise and worship. But there's no real presence of god because when the presence of god comes repentance comes. Humility comes love for one another comes. Transparency and honesty come. You won't find pastors of megachurches to pornography and gain. You won't find pastors of megachurches who are hirelings. Who.

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