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And Maxwell in there. Are they. Don't see there being anywhere else to go over then TNA right now. But yeah. He has requested his release. And speaking of other releases. A Vanilla is obviously left. WWe I think that was right. Official yesterday wasn't it? Another yeah. Mental Health and apparently is mother is like really sick? Yeah. Because he said something he wants to do some charitable stuff and. His mother obviously himself. You oversee does a lot of other stuff. Anyway he's not going to be out of work I. Think he's been coming I called say how I was saying hill this is where I scoop up replace excalibur because you have narrow now on Jr Yeah that would be a good shot. That would be a good shot I mean he did say that at the moment he was. I'm just going. You add announced Ian. Wow. Agency. Why does I mean as because I mean I know it's Dave Meltzer. Dave Moses said there wasn't a big blow up just it's time to go while his mother's obviously in hospital and stuff and. Still going to be doing the Bella tour and showtime box in. But then we'll wait and see what comes next Awa. I think. So they've signed Wade Barrett and obviously now he's gone I mean these Wade Barrett going to. Step into that. Barrett's solid commentator very solid, very solid. And maybe even the Joseph could go to annex t like I wouldn't be shocked at that like it wouldn't shock me I, mean I like Vic Joseph, I'm a big fan of executive. You stuff onto if I was really really good. Didn't he got off crackle Moore. By. Yeah, he's still obviously rain about but waiver for now is not a bad shot because he is a very good commentator and obviously he's a commentator that could get involved if you need to I'm sure he can still wrestle.

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