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One dream come true because you only live twice the dream. He has some control over his work. No not really unless e quits which we've seen him do a number of times in the movies just when he thought he was out they pulled them back so anyway the couple of lines repeat against all the lyric are good for a banfield. But there's really a story behind this title song. So there's an article by six dash eight q dot com. Made two thousand seventeen for the fiftieth anniversary of this movie. And it's titled you only sing twice container for what you're going to talk about. Originally they say julie rogers who they wanted to sing this song not nancy sinatra and that indeed. The british singer did record a version in nineteen sixty seven. It's often called the demo version. So you can look that up on youtube. But it was indeed the full song recorded and presented to the producers and the producers. Nixed the song for a variety of reasons. They say only two lines or kept from the original julie rogers virgin you only live twice and you'll pay the price and what i liked about the original son. Is it really has an asian influence to the music which sadly disappears in the nancy sinatra version and because cubby broccoli new frank sinatra called him to do the song and frank set now. I don't wanna do it. Try my daughter. She's pretty good so they got nancy. Nancy had a very narrow vocal range and so they tried to record the song number of times. I think it was like twelve times and they finally piece together pieces from all different twelve recordings the make the finals on which is what we have to get it right. So so the julie rogers version. I loved the song. Has this asian influence in the music. And it's just terrific. Actually neither the music nor the lyrics are the same now except a couple of lines. I like it better than the nancy sinatra version. There's a link to the original version on our website and the episode notes. Check it out. Listen to it a couple of times and we think you'll like it to both versions. I've written by john berry and leslie bricusse quickly. Here are the lyrics to the original. You only live twice song. Which lyrics are pretty damn good. You only live twice no more than twice and each life you live..

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