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And did you guys know what Alf is? Negative? Name for an alien life form. You've never heard. Someway I been saying the planet. To live with a family. Rob Jones thing. Getting thrown at us this week. No, no, no, no, no is not boomer. You beloved the B word. One only downside to AL visits a two part episode or you're watching both parts I wish it was the three part episode okay. Perfect. To show my kids about Alf how? Exciting, yeah. Thanks giving episode Alf Woo. Let's turn in the Straw. The tanners are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner with the Schmidt necks, a bizarre relatives. Okay, so weird family Thanksgiving episode for our society. I'm very pumped Ivan Ivan Alvin Libya this. Likes to eat. Tell us get this Akiva Alf eats cats take. Deuteronomy yeah. Do. Yes Could you have a character that likes the cats nowadays are cats, not as beloved dogs, and that would work or no I. Don't know he always like I. Don't think he ever has caught a cat. I think he sees a me once Yvonne Oh. Okay, so he's never successful. With like you know like it would be gruesome if he just had like a cat carcass like like blood all over his for. Showers animated..

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