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This morning, Joe Nolan coming up shortly with traffic and transit low in person attendance at New York City's public schools, prompting the city to give parents another chance to have their kids opt in. So their Children can return to combined hybrid Learning schools Chancellor is Richard Koran. We think that this is better for the sake of stability for all students for families and educators. So we urge any family who was considering it to take advantage of this opportunity to do so. Now. The optimum period will be on Lee from November 2nd two November 15th the coded transmission rate in New York City's public schools, 20.18%. At the request of parents. New York City will publish online school by school Cove in 19 Results at schools dot gov Forward slash Cove. It results A gunman taken down by an off duty NYPD, The officer This happened in Ozone Park, Queens. Police say a 63 year old homeless man identified as Steven Cohen had been harassing customers. He returned to the store with a weapon. The clerk died. The other gunshot mist. A second clerk, who was not injured charges against Cohen are pending. An investigation is ongoing. New Jersey's Health commissioner, Judith Person, Kelly laid out the States plan for covert 19 vaccinations yesterday for the states 9.2 million residents, she says Per federal guidelines first vaccinated will be health care. Essential workers and high risk individuals over 65 during Phase two. Surely after the first traunch during Phase two, there will be sufficient supply and the demand And face straight allow open access to the next scene. The goals to vaccinate at least 70% of New Jersey's population in a six month period w ABC News Time 705 traffic Sports and weather Next radio 77 w A B C.

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