Hunter Biden, Giuliani, Donald Trump discussed on Today, Explained


Then in August he told The Times that this whole thing thing he was just acting as a private citizen are not in his role as attorney for trump which yeah not very believable as Giuliani's spoken out about this since the whistleblower complaint became known Oh has he saw on Thursday when the reports I came out that you know this whistleblower complaint involved trump personally Giuliani went on CNN and he was interviewed by Chris Cuomo and and Cuomo asked him. Did you ask the Ukraine investigate Joe Biden no actually I didn't. ISD Ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election of two thousand sixteen by the Ukrainians for the benefit of Hillary Clinton for wish never alley anything about Hunter Biden. You never ask anything about JOE by only thing I ask Joe. Biden is to get to the bottom of how it was that Lukashenko who was appointed dismissed the case against anti you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe by of course. Did you just said you did and he basically admitted that the thing happened. Giuliani tweeted later that night a president telling a president-elect of a well known corrupt country. He better investigate corruption that affects. US is doing his job. Maybe if Obama Emma did that the Biden family wouldn't have built millions from Ukraine and billions from China at being covered up by a corrupt media so wow hefty hefti allegation. Everyone was like so you just admitted that that trump did tell the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden certainly would seem like a shockingly corrupt use of the president's foreign policy powers to try to extort a foreign country into intervening with the election and to hurt his political opponents to dig up dirt at them and then Giuliani said oh well. I wasn't admitting that trump did this necessarily just that it would it'd been fine and Dandy if he did do it the break house trump responding to all this this House Biden respond to all this house everyone responding to all of this. I'm Sean Ramos. This is today explain.

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