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At one bills drive. You see there shot on the MSG of the empty stadium with no goal posts or anything, man. It looks bear looks completely bare. One of the things that came out when we want to talk about Jane hold on. Let me make sure I've got the exact right sheet in front of me because we've been talking about doing this all day. This is something that came across the wire, Vince, young headlines, a star studded college football hall of fame class of two thousand nineteen. Terrell Buckley, Rickey Dixon, London Fletcher. Very nice. Jacob green Torry Holt Darren McFadden, Jake plumber. Toy Paula Malo. Joe thomas? And Lorenzo white also some coaches Dennis Erickson is in as well. So it's a very nice that you know, that all these guys getting a big aquarium worthy recipients congrats to all of them. Rocky Brockett Ishmail, Patrick Willis. There's a lot of guys in it. And of course. All these guys at tonight's national championship between Alabama cleanse the third time in the last four years big night big game tonight, and you had a little bit of an issue with. Uh-huh. College football hall of fame. Right. So they have the national football foundation, which is affiliated with the college football hall of fame and this induction class. I've got no problem with any name on that list. Great college careers. Congrats to them. Happy for them. Now as excited as they might be upon hearing that they're part of the twenty nineteen induction class. I can't imagine how they felt when they heard about the honorary inductee who's also going in here in two thousand hundred let me just read the final paragraph of the article the college football hall of fame will also inducted the Goodyear blimp as an honorary member this year will be the first non on coach that's going to be the honorary inductee this year. A freaking blimp. Steve Steve a balloon Steve. A blimp. I hear you, man. I mean what what criteria? Do we have to be inducted into the college football hall of fame? An honorary member is the blimp. Well, they provide aerial views at games they've done it for fifty five years. What kinda money did Goodyear pay an honorary inject into the college football hall of fame. We haven't jumped the shark here. I mean, this is beyond evil knievel stuff. I mean the Goodyear blimp. I mean, Steve I thought it was bad when we started putting horses on the greatest athletes of all time lists, you know, secretariat. What was that other horse that made it, I don't know? Couple of other horses made the all time list does my horses with humans. What are we doing where we've gone way beyond that? Now, we're not even in the stratosphere of normalcy. Here you're putting blimps in the hall of fame for college football, come on. What is going on here who who came up with? Here's the best part. Are you ready? Here's the they have a press release two-page page press release to announce that the blimp is an honorary member for the college football hall of fame, brownie. Kirk herbstreet. They got poor Kirk herbstreit on the phone and said Kirk we need your help. We need your help. Oh, yeah. Sure. What's going on guys? Nice to talk to you. We need you to give us a quote as to why the Goodyear blimp is worthy of being an honorary member of the college football hall of fame. Could you imagine? How far Kirk herbstreet jaw dropped when he heard that. Yeah. I mean, kirksey good guy. Don't get me. Wrong has been champion for college football. What better guy to get a quote from right to talk about the worthiness of the candidacy of the Goodyear blimp a hall of fame member, so here's poor Kirk. Here's a quote, they stuck in with for this one ready. I've been lucky enough to both play and broadcast underneath the shadow of one of sport's biggest icons and each time it special for me playing under the blimp felt like a payoff for the hard work that goes into. Game day. So I'm excited. It's getting recognized for its contributions to college football. Are you kidding me? They had to probably pay Kirk to put his name to that quote because he didn't say that maybe Steve come on. What player maybe the player gave two cents of seeing the blimp above the field that a game? Nobody gave a damn if the blimp was there. Come on. Maybe they gave Kirk you've got a tiny. They are out to breakfast, lunch and dinner if they think any player gave a hoot that the blimp was up there shooting at aerial shot of their football game. They didn't care one iota if that thing was floating around out there. It's ridiculous. You want to honor them for contributions to to college football in some honorary wing over here. You're gonna stick them in the same wing is the players how does rocket is male the'll going in with the blimp. Come on. You can't tell me. He's all excited. Hey gets is in your induction class blimp. What what it'd be memorable a floating vehicle. I mean, come on. Steve who do we have to call to get this fixed? This isn't right. I'm sorry. We gotta start your voting no on the blimp thing. Then. They didn't even have to vote got in automatically. Yeah. That's interesting. I wonder who make somebody in the committee say how about it? Or does it say, hey, we gotta come. I think that's even more damning don't you someone came up with this idea? Put it before the committee said that sounds great to me. Let's do it. Yeah. Well limp Steve blimp. No, punt, not even like some guy that ran the board for college football for forty years contributions to the game expanded the Buller center came up with the idea for the college football playoff somebody that had some kind of brain cells. I we're talking about a living thing here, and I was no pun intended was going to say, and I've stupidest you had secretariat was an athlete of some sort who floated this idea out there, but that's a pun. But who who is the first guy that brought that up right to know? I really would. Because you always think you know to write him a letter. I always I always think this. I always think listen did Goodyear did the CEO at Goodyear come up. Call up and say, hey, listen, I got a lot of money in my pocket. Been paying to you for fifty five years, and we need a little payback. Follow the money, we need unbeliev-. I would say maybe. But that's gotta be where it is. Because there is no you cannot come up with a right reason to make blimp an honorary inductee into the college football. It's embarrassing to me. It's embarrassing. You've you've you've stained the legacy of all the other inductees that deservedly got into the hall of fame. Listen, and I will say that that is a big deal because you've seen the name list on those names the names on those list. It's amazing. I mean, it's a great fantastic list. I you biscuits on that. In a couple of years does somehow change your perception when you find out. The blimp is on the list, and it's a little bit. Like what you said with the great sportsman of the year is a horse. Yeah. I have a problem with. But I can at least get around like right most dominant horse of his era one of the greatest. Okay. At least it's some kind of pursuit. He's racing against horses. Anyways, guys floating above a stadium. It's not even I hear a she is probably not even the same one. That started probably have you know, what I mean? It's probably a new blend. It doesn't even have career longevity. They probably had to retire the first one after two years go to the next one and the next one honorary inductee unbelievable. We're going to go. We're going to let it go NFL true false. Okay. NFL Trump brought to you by. Yes. Yes. And I and I heard it on I agree with you brought to you by Yancey fancy New York's audit, artisan cheese. All right. And here we go. NFL true, false number one. The Broncos should trade von Miller. Okay. So Broncos trade von Miller. I saw marks Larry had this take. Okay. You know? I actually think you can make a case for that. And it all comes down to where do you stand on? What the Broncos are as a team right now. Do you still think? You have a defense. Good enough where maybe if you Anna quarterback and receiver you can still make a run at if you think you can you don't trade von Miller. But if you're at the point where you've got to take out the old roadrunner and Coyote, TNT plunger and blow it up then. Yes, you trade von Miller. I think this team is in full blown rebuild mold rebuild mode, in my opinion. So I would say true tray von Miller get draft capital. Get what you can get and rebuild this thing from the ground up. Always gotta start over in my opinion. Certainly there won't be any any shortage of takers. The question is what is contract is how long they get him for if they try to get eighty nine thirty. Yeah. I mean, he's got three years left. And right. He's not gonna get clearly years. He's not gonna get Khalil Mack money. And you're not gonna get two ones for him. But for me, and I've always said this one forum. Yeah. But you know this. Everybody's tradable if for the right price, and sometimes the prices outlandish, you just won't nobody will meet it wise untradable, but he could come up with enough. Anybody anybody will ever anybody'll trade anybody? So, but should they? If they're gonna go, and they don't have a quarterback that they like. Mary's Thomas, right? They trade. They don't have a number one receiver if they can get enough draft capital in a in a in a year where defensive line is very deep in this draft and guys that they think they get some pieces and maybe a player and and get cap relief because of it. Yeah. You can trade von Miller. No question about it. If you can get what you want for him. Certainly I don't think any players above. And I think I think Denver is helped by the impact that Khalil Mack had in Chicago. Because I think there's probably enough teams out there that you could convince there might be a pass away the Vikings. Here's your guide. Right. Yeah. I mean, there's some teams out there that are close to the Buffalo Bills. Need an edge rusher? If they could get him for a couple of three years and them the Jacksonville Jaguars get their defense, even stronger to let them find somebody. Or trade straight across for maybe sent him to Philly and get Nick foles back. There you go. Okay. Look what you just did say, we'll both say Trow. Everybody's Broncos should trade. Von miller. Okay. Now, the second thing NFL true false. The chargers are the most complete team in the AFC. I can hear the arguments for this. And I can see it. It's hard for me to say that after what I just saw from Indianapolis. They're pretty complete football team. The patriots are still in that mix. They can still beat you on either side of the football. If you don't watch what you're doing. But yeah, I like where the chargers are. I think they may be the most completely talented team. Philip rivers gives them something Keenan Allen gives them something on the on the offense and sodas Melvin Gordon on defense. They've got Joey Bosa got some guys over there to complain get after the pass rush. They won that game Russian four guys predominantly in Houston. I think that says a lot for their defense. So I'd be willing to say true. I think the chargers are the most complete team. And I I give them the edge because one Bill. Rivers is so experienced and he's so good at making sure his offense is in the right play. And Secondly, I think they're talented all the way across the frontline of the roster on both sides. You took the words right mouth. They're the most talented team in the AFC. It's not even close. I mean, you think about their offense as you mentioned their defense even their special teams. I mean, they have a Pro Bowl level return man in Desmond king. And they have this young kicker badgley? Who's come in and been rock solid for them. I mean five field goals yesterday. And the only one he missed got blocked. So. I think all across the board. It's clearly the most talented team. Is it the best team? Is it the best team? And I think the jury is somewhat out on that. But I don't think New England is more complete than them. I don't think Kansas City is because their defense is weak. I agree with you. Indianapolis is the closest thing to being as complete is them. But I'm I'm going through here too. I think the chargers are the most complete team left any. All right..

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