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Go like the page on facebook. I'll do some facebook lives when I did that. Parody this week down with Corona I produced at live on facebook actually saying the different harmonies and and wrote the song out while you guys were watching so I enjoy doing that. And people seem to get a kick out of it as well. I also check out the INSTAGRAM. If you WANNA see some other pictures and stuff like that but it's all right there at the website you can scroll down joepags Dot Com. Put your email address in and click on subscribe. I'll say you email six days a week telling you who's going to be on the program parody or not who the interviews are with stories. We'll talk about it much much more so again. Joepags DOT COM. Go check it out. Let me go to the phone lines. It's going to be Scuba Mike and New York Scuba. What's going on? How you doing joe? I want to briefly touch on one thing. That's a recent call. They all our plans. Were to be a plethora of conspiracy theories out there about what may or may not be contained in gas jet engine. Exhaust people say spraying stuff on if it's just jet engines enough about that. Let's talk about masks one thing. A lot of people don't realize the purpose of a mask or surgical mask is that so that a person wearing the mask in case they sneeze or cough and not coughing like into an open wound of a patient. When you wear a mask yourself. It's not really protecting you for much. There's all kinds of air and stuff coming in from the sides unless it's a tightly sealed mass with filters you're not really being protected and one other thing. I wanted to talk Sean when you talked about which is totally true. I work at Walmart these days and I work in the chemical a missing a lot of heavy bottles of detergent. And you gotTa Huff and puff a little bit more when you got that mask on in the but I think it all put on usually. I don't wear it unless there's somebody in the aisles. I put it back up and like you said I can't help touching my face always touched my face mall life. I blow my nose. Put on chapstick. Whatever you know most of them don't touch your face not going to happen force of habit. I Mike I'm with you and I appreciate that open line now. One eight hundred five zero one seven zero eight zero. Yeah masks are a placebo. There's something that you think might work. But there's really nothing to them. I mean like he said can block a droplet shore. Is that going to save your life? Come on know masks on those who are medical professionals. These are different grade masks. These n ninety five masks. They are necessary. You're dealing firsthand with people. They know have covid nineteen or potentially have corona virus. Oh by the way more death this week where reported that were due to corona virus or with corona virus then then really happened and continues to happen people dying in car car accidents. Heart attacks other ailments people die. I mean that's what happens. We're born we die but there for some reason they keep on denoting. The even like a pathologist was like the coroner said no no this death was not due to coronavirus and it was changed their inflating the numbers. I'm still I'm yet to figure out why they're doing it other than more money. Make it look. Senate is scarce all to death. He that in mind as well when you hear. These corona virus deaths These death numbers. The people didn't necessarily die from it. They may have had it. They may have had anybody's from it. They may have been in contact with it but it doesn't mean necessarily that they had it which killed them. If Corona virus isn't the cause of death it should not be included as the cause of death. It's actually that simple one. Eight hundred five zero one. Seven Eighty joepags DOT COM Colorado. Chris what's going on? Hey.

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