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And a month later, Netflix series came out about my life called girl boss, depicting a woman named Sophia. Building a company called Nasty. Gal, and how did how did you like that I've liked it I mean. It was canceled after one season which to me, it was awesome thing to have happened, but just having the story of who you were ten years prior weird. Hold while while you're trying to start over. Is such a mind fuck. I'm sure say that. Yes, you can say that. It was really cool. I kind of intellect AC-, and maybe it's just my ego or something, but I've like left a trail of things that exist longer than I do, and Netflix's one of them. It put the girl Bosnia into one hundred and fifty million homes in one hundred ninety five countries so as marketing. Dot alone I'm really proud of IT I like to show I. Think it was really a Hugh Britt. Robertson okay, and did you meet with her? Did you talk to her? I? Yeah, absolutely she, like she got shadowed me and I think she did a really good job. Charlene Darren. Produced IT K Kannan who did pitch perfect pitch perfect to? Was the show, runner and writer on the show, so we had really a Primo team. Re Paul was a character norm MacDonald way north was on the show. He was my boss okay in the lobby. but it was. It was a great run. It was bad timing because. It was a show called girl boss four months after trump was. and. We were held to a standard of this has to be a show. That's an example of women in the workplace, and it was just like an angsty like white girl right in San, Francisco, an ebay store, right so I think boss was you know had a certain amount of responsibility to depict women or a woman? In a certain way that? Maybe we wouldn't have a year prior way and it was four months after Vanities Fair said you know the. No, no, it was It was four months after all of the press and wall. Street Journal covering right downfall of nasty gal, so it was just like it was just bad timing, right? Right well, it's still super cool and what you said about legacy, and even ego like that's fucking cool I mean it really is. Let's talk about girl brass rally a little bit. I did it in two thousand eighteen. Johnny and I loved it I loved the energy. I loved the young women. I love being able to talk to people about it. This year's theme is find your support system, which is why I'm talking about that, but it's also kind of our theme at all's fair, and it's over easy. Why did you pick that this year? Yeah, so it's what we've seen in our community is yes. We're here to learn and exchange ideas and educate one another and provide the resources, both within the community in from girl boss, to level up in our work but also personally and without relationships. We can't do either of those things, and so we built a social network less than a year. Year ago. That's a girl boss Dot Com now and what we've seen is women connecting over not just what they do, who they are nice and that's where a girl boss really lives at the intersection of so spiner support system is yes, you're coming to to learn a lot and hopefully take what you learn at the grow boss rally into your life immediately. Right Inspiration is table stakes. Stakes but relationships as you know women who've gotten as far as we have in our careers have learned which may be, we didn't know earlier. Careers are everything. Yeah, totally everything. I'm still in touch with Tracy Gray. Who I met at the girl boss rally. She's on the podcast like she's so wise I, so enjoy her I. think it was her was her birthday. I don't know if it was. Was Their fiftieth fifty fifth birthday when we were there, but she's just amazing, but it is true relationships hanging on them. Particularly Women now can men attend. Men can attend. Okay, so we got okay. We had one man speak at the first rally, and it was the founder of instagram which is pretty cool, so seven Kevin System Very nice of him. We've some really big names that were announcing You. Can't like scoop there. No, no, no, you're team contract I tried okay, so you guys know it's twenty fifth. That's quixote. Studios here in Los Angeles. You do want to New York as well. Yes, yeah, we'll do one in New York later this year and we're planning. Actually have an announced now. It's a big deal for me announces, but we'll do a third rally for the first time this year. Oh, cool. We normally do to, and where will that be I don't know. Another city, different city, and back to relationships right both with men hold the keys to so much. There's someone in conferences can feel like so awkward and cheesy and. into the girl boss rally gives opportunity for women who may not be invited to fortunes, mouse, most powerful women to attend conferences, but the you know the few very selective about attending or have been over the course of my career built some incredible relationships. I found investors. I've found confidence I've found you know other entrepreneurs I've collaborated with new given me incredible advice and I met. Someone not named Joe Markazi, and I don't know if I'm fast forwarding here, but that relationship. Has happened over the last five years. he built a company called True X, which was an ad tech platform sold to Fox. Disney acquired Fox while he was at Fox. He was the head of advertising, so he did billions. He sold into the super bowl well, so he was responsible for driving billions of dollars of revenue for Fox. Network's not Fox News. Which is now called.

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