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Roy you say here we go. But you and Bill you're the only ones that are hold out corporate, my was making all sorts of inroads. He got Meena a commercial. He got us highest rated segment on I take with all their advertising the trying to do with everybody. I take there wasn't a higher rating than the ones guts and his army made an appearance you're not gonna get me to go to the dog side, Dan, refuse to you've been living there all your life. Hey. Roy you saw the emails in the calls that I was on with corporate. I was so upset when I take all week was just had ties in the ride home shows they were advertising highly questionable all week long. We'll show they were mentioning our show. We were the ones doing the hidden the hit, Dan and stugotz didn't even wanna do this hit. And I was like guys GI global expansion initiative. Let they're gonna give us a ball. We'll go to run with it. We're gonna kill it. And nobody's going to be talking about that bum show highly questionable by the time. We're done with it question. How did they cast menas dog because it's one of the dumbest animals of ever seen and. All of us. How surprising crap all over the place. You don't wrong, you know. You know, what I mean is wrong about that? That dog seem particularly bright to you Lenny's pretty dumb dog. He didn't strike was her actual dog. That was Lenny. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. Way to go Billy. You wanna retract that? Because it seems like the fear swallowed your faith. Now, Dan that was me joking. So you're good with me not knowing that you think that her dog is dumb. What is she gonna do? That's already hasn't. I think we've already established you guys as dynamic EPA meaning gets commercials. You guys get the glory of out. Even though you claim to not know what this is even though there have been several Email. I don't know what I still don't know what we're doing is just sort of your thing. What are we doing over here? And I'm just they're just making ratting in walls. Well, but Chris if you seen what's happened with Chris because I'm getting fed up with him. I mean in that he is becoming like I love him and his family, and I love his fish nece. We all do. But he is now not unlike Chris Farley working for his father, and whatever movie that was all of them. Every Christmas all movies. He was working for his father. He is. Now is is that a tie on you or you wearing a tie today? Listen, man, I've seen the light. I got a couple of calls out to the show with Mike today. We're I'm buying into this W E G is the station. Whatever I'm buying in. Man. I am in. We gotta we gotta work on this alert going to expand. We're going to initiate global expansion initiative. And that's why the acronym is g we're having pilot or. Chart whatever I'm buying into this busy. No, chris. No, look, he's going to go. But he's been my strong us ally. And all this. He's actually like, hey, this is really cool like we were kind of crapping on this New York event. There was very little incentive. Hell the person that explained it best was Greg. Cody ROY Billy, join us know join the initiative, Billy who Billy are you going to go to the dark side waiting till one o'clock, and it's getting result. There's no disputing the result. This is results oriented business. Okay..

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