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I mean nobody's spreading this virus willingly but it's folks getting complacent and And i recognize that it's really not necessarily on the community. You know you hear from your same federal leadership that things are okay then of course you're gonna kinda let your guard down. And so. That's why i think it's very important for me to try and be very clear that look. The numbers are not looking good and the way to stop. This is c. stopped gathering without massive your household. And please go get tested. So that is you have the buyers You know we can know and we can go and trace it But we take aggressive steps right now. We're just gonna have an exact replay of the summer and maybe even worse next up. Is richard in heritage village richard. What's your question for judged dog. Oh yes the have department in my not not win a math and i asked them they and they don't have to judge. Are there any requirements for For law enforcement in the county to wear masks when they're interacting with the public. There should be an right now. There is the local order that we issued Initially but also the governor's order is in place on mass so So yes everybody should be wearing them and certainly are public servants. Our law enforcement should set that example So so you're right to call folks out on that and look it's uncomfortable. Nobody enjoys wearing masks. They make a different. They're not the end all be all I it's just that with without the proportions without bring the viral load down isn't gonna cut it but but they they do make a difference they do help And so so. Yeah i mean they should be wearing them. They should be. Is that something you can follow up with the harris county sheriff on and just make sure he's reinforcing that of course we we'd do and and i i have to say i've bought it some.

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