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Up every time i took a really nice meal i gotta make away from this excellence the best part of having ponge for you ummonday morning shower of the song we don't think a shower everymonday morning we we have a routine where we soured together i love that will not be live banded talk that's in mid at something very nights in their relationship that it's the quality time it's being able to even it if kathleen gone into bedroom to read because she doesn't want to watch with 20 indeed i know she until their she's but then i can get up in order at any time for the next three days where i don't have them whenever myself i can get a on four but this is not the same thing is being able to reach o how back contact sold for me the most amazing thing is the ability to reach my handle and she's there the greatest thing that ever happened to me was my wife bite him away and uh i feel really blessed for i would do us without her here's view kathleen buck are still together it's been almost fifteen years since they met and they'll be celebrating their eleven your wedding anniversary later this year the two hope that he'll be released next year after serving his minimum sentence as of right now in the unitedstates only four states allow private family visits californiaconnecticutnewyorkandwashington via fees are not allowed in federal presents.

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