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Silvestre E. News. Yo, what's happening? I didn't think you'd be leaving Chilean obey. Well, since you showed up shirtless and I was embarrassed. I definitely had to go. Was that shirtless? I saw you the next day, shirtless. And I was like, everyone was like, wow, you're the nicest looking guy here and then Mark Wahlberg walks up and then I'm not buying that. They were like, oh, that old guy's in pretty decent shape for a 50 year old. It was rain running into you there. What you guys get one phone call a week in here? Who you gonna call, huh? When no one else gives a what you got to say, God does. We talked about this film and man, can I tell you one of those movies where if you watch it at the right time, it will really warm your heart and make you second guess ever complaining. It took me 6 years to get it made and fade this helped me deal with so much. I lost my mom during the movie and it was stew and his strength and perseverance and helped me get through that loss and really just look at all the positives and see how she handled it and all she wanted to make sure that we were going to be okay. He was an absolute warrior till the end. We've all done some wrong. But he came to forgive us. My faith and my belief in heaven and a better world and all that, it gives me the ability to deal with all those things. I've dealt with so much loss and the older you get, the more you deal with it. You know, you're just kind of like oh my God, it's just a round you everywhere. There's no easy way to deliver this news. You have a progressive muscle, disorder. The muscles weak and until they see the function. Is there anything it doesn't mess with? Yeah, erectile function. I'm trying to be a priest, pal. There was one thing about the film that wasn't right, that I wanted to point out to you though. What's that? You said in the movie that God does not negotiate. But I can tell you, I've been on my knees a thousand times saying, God, if you just do this, I will no longer do that. And he always comes through. I think God has a red pin in his hand. That's true. That is true and trust me. And we all go to God when we need him the most, right? But he knows he knows your heart. So if your heart is pure, that's why I said nobody's beyond redemption. It's not me. It's God at work. Everybody who sees it is touch fighter. 100%. This was a Bible study. What is happening? I was like, oh, we got reassigned. He got really telling him. Justin. I've been on my knees a thousand times. I expect him to say that. You've been on your knees. I love you. Father stew hits the theaters, April 13th. Well, it looks like Steven Tyler and his girlfriend Amy are still crazy about each other. The 74 year old spotted giving his 33 year old girlfriend a smooch at his Grammy party, these two have been together for 6 years, and yes, there's a 40 year age gap. Krista, is there a age gap with you and your hubby of 19 years? I think it's disgusting. Now kidding. Oh my God. Yes, we have a 20 year age gap. And we've been together 19 years. So it can work. Yes. Do I think it's the, you know, like it's the norm? No, but I think every relationship is different. But rob and I are at the same maturity level, so. What in the beginning did people have an issue with your ex? You know? For sure. Who your mama? You know, action, my parents were 23 years apart. Oh my God. And they were together until my dad passed. So for 40, something years. And so my parents were always very supportive. That wasn't their issue. They just wanted me to find someone that was good for me, you know? Your girlfriends, I'd be a nosy. Who had the issue? I'll rob's female friends. Had issues. And it's so funny because rob also had an issue. He never dated younger women. That wasn't his thing. It freaked him out. But she threw it on him. Fine. I was 20 years old. And so, but I never lied about my age. I was like, this is who I am. And I think that as long as you're confident in your skin, it doesn't matter what age you are. And he was too, and he's like, look, like you're young, I want you to do your thing. And yeah, it can work. But sometimes it doesn't. But relationship with people at the same age also don't work. I do not think that it has to be a constant. Definitely. Well, you know, Steven's daughter live is 44 years old and his youngest son Todd is 31. Do you feel if you're a mom or dad dating someone your age? How do you feel about that? Because they are. That would be kind of. There we are. You know, from the other side too. Right. Yeah, I mean, I used to date younger men, I date them, and then I wake up next day and I have coffee with the mother, you know? Girl. How you doing? No. Your son is hilarious. No. I don't know. I would. Oh my God. This happened to me there. If that person brings my parents happiness, my parents are still together, 39, 30,.

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