John Wall, Point Guard, Cavs discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed - 10/26/17 - LeBron James + Lonzo Ball vs. John Wall + Cam Newton


Podcast taylor shoshana bryen shoulder the blame have have picking a winner in between lonzo ball and john wall am i just didn't have an ongoing chief with the media but to do it it started with laurent he started for the second straight game at point guard and finished with a triple double 29 points ten rebounds and thirteen assists so it under ten seconds left and the cavs down to miss that free throw and nets went on win three show as ironic because the ryan told espn early this week i want to shoot eighty percent from the free throw line that's my only goal that's my last gold my mba career goal that's my last line that i have done everything else done adding else done it in air gas he did it again last night he just keeps on keeping on doing it skip what is your take away from the end of the game pour la braun james yesterday and then last night was just so typical classic lebron james because as joy points out yesterday espn dot com post story in which lebron reveals he had a mysterious swelling in his shooting elbow a couple of weeks after last year's nba finals inexplicable doctors couldn't figure it out but i guess what lebron found as he began to shoot with it in the gym he changed his shooting motion higher release to work around the swollen elbow it was an act of god it was divine intervention up play suddenly the basketball god said let there be la braun the shooter.

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