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And I woke up this morning and it was just like Facebook's getting hacked, blue sky is stumbling and Twitter blue just looks like it's a complete bust. This morning completely flipped into social media is melting down all around us. Excuse me. So that's what we're going to talk about. Why don't we jump through some news here real quick? And we can make it through this news block. Even with that extended rambling, it's only 9 15 in the a.m., so I have done okay for housekeeping. Housekeeping is usually a 30 minute affair. So I'm feeling pretty good. All right, I wanted to start this off just because there's a certain. Reputation for software engineers in Silicon Valley. And even today, I feel like there's a very common entrepreneurial quasi libertarian thread that goes through a bunch of techies. So you know a company that employs a significant number of software engineers has screwed up major in how they're presenting employee perks versus CEO compensation if there is ire from libertarian leaning entrepreneurial leaning software engineers. So this story coming by way of ars technica, my bro crush John brodkin wrote this up. Googlers angry about CEOs $226 million pay after cuts and perks in 12,000 layoffs. Sundar Pichai compared to lord farquaad, as employee share memes about CEO pay. Quote from this was also reported by CNBC, but quote from the article in the week since Pichai's annual compensation was made public internal Google platforms have filled with conversations and memes, slamming the CEO for taking a pay bump while slashing costs elsewhere. CNBC reported yesterday, CNBC's report said internal memes shared by employees also criticized Google owner alphabet's recent authorization of a 70 $1 billion stock repurchase program. The same amount as last year. The year where Google made more money than it had ever made in the company's history. And still somehow I think in the last quarter managed to miss expectations. But I digress. Pichai is the CEO of both alphabet and Google. Dave burns. They're all libertarians until the bank with all their money fails. And copycats, I would be angry too. Hold on, let me get this out of the way and let me get out of screen share here. You've missed up. So here's the deal. When a company makes a ton of money and they don't really invest it back into the company, I feel the employees have sort of, they have earned. Some of their frustrations and to hear that Google is again doing a 70 billion dollar stock buyback. While Sundar Pichai gets a compensation bump after all of the I take full response. You remember Cassandra Pichai came out and he's like, I take full responsibility. And my taking responsibility means 12,000 people lose their jobs. But me, I know that our direction completely missed the scope of eventually we would return to work in a way that the global pandemic would not be affecting. But it's me. Sundar Pichai. I take responsibility. And you're losing your jobs or sacrifice that I'm willing to make. Because that's the quote from lord farquaad from the Shrek films. So yeah, yeah, not a great look. Again, it's really difficult because you've got to compartmentalize. I've been so excited to sort of revisit the pixel 7 pro on the heels of the Google IO and the pixel 7 a and maybe getting some idea of what the pixel 8 is going to bring. I'm super stoked about what the Google hardware team is doing, but man, I really haven't had a lot of confidence or a lot of faith in the executive leadership at Google, the people at the top of alphabet, I don't think they've been utilizing resources well. I think they've been playing corporate games with, I mean, a stock buyback. A $70 billion stock buyback is a dumb look right now. Because you can't have this both ways. You can't go out to your shareholders and say like, well, last quarter, we made more money than we've ever made in the company's history, but now we've all got a really tight in our belts and we're going to tighten our belts by spending $70 billion. On playing games with stocks. Instead of we're investing in our talent and looking at a long-term road map that's going to bring us the next era or the next phase of profitability, they're playing this game. And that to me is, is tragically hilarious. It's a comedy that you have to laugh to keep from crying. Brian glaze. I take full responsibility in keeping

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