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Too distant future here. We will talk about What Donald Trump has been up to since last Saturday and read some tea leaves. But Before we do that. I want to give you a pop quiz. To Dave, who Not only is Great producer, but he's also a great news anchor and a great talk show host. Good filling, talk show host, so he ought to be up on all of this. Dave. What day this week was Joe Biden in the cross? Tuesday. Very good. You got it right Tuesday. Now here's the next question. There's no right or wrong answer to the next question. What percentage of Wisconsinites do you suppose were aware that the president of the United States was in our state this past week? What percentage I I put a third Okay, Dave Jay said 35. I said a third. I think we're both in the same ballpark. I don't think it approached half now. If you took 100 people off the streets of the state of Wisconsin on This morning and said, Hey, Was Joe Biden, Wisconsin. And if so, what day of the week? Was he in Wisconsin? Well, if you ask what day of the week then did you dumb that number down to like 10%, but even just baseline awareness bra? I said one in three, maybe. Yeah. East of the Wisconsin River. You probably would. Yeah. Anyway. The president coming to your state. Coming to your tone. Is usually if it's not a big deal. It's certainly a notable thing. It's somewhat about a vet. I mean, take of this. If Obama Flies into the cross. Think a lot of people show up for that. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, because even though they wouldn't we're good point. If Donald Trump flies his way into Give me another town, Whitewater or done. That's white water is not a good example. Um, um Yeah, well, so he was there, actually, but some some place like that Black River Falls tabloid. Okay, polite. Would people show up for that? Well, you better believe they show up for that to show up for that in thousands. Like I said. Ordinarily. You know? The president of the United States coming to your state are especially your town. If it's not an enormous, huge deal, it certainly is a notable event. So Joe Biden was in the cross. This past Tuesday, I guess talking about infrastructure. He went to the bus station, He went to the cross County Transit Authority for reasons I can't quite figure out. The cross tribute is the lacrosse Tribune. Davis edit Gannett newspaper. Is that like this is I don't know if that's in the same network as the Journal Sentinel, anyway, that the Cross Tribune Put out a photo gallery online documenting Joe Biden's visit. There were 21 photographs in this gallery. And the overall impression after viewing the entire gallery, which I did a couple of times, the overall impression is inescapable. Almost no one showed up to see Joe Biden and I'm not exaggerating that almost no. One As in Unless these these Joe Biden devotees were disguising themselves themselves as fence posts and and and street lights. Nobody showed up. As proof of this. I can't show it to. You obviously were on the radio. But just go to the lacrosse tribute on the front page is a link to this photo gallery. Go Look at it yourselves. Tell me if this is not testimony to Biden's Appeal just sort of by By actuality by what actually occurred. So what a president comes To your City or your I mean the cross. What is the cross have 60,000 people and maybe 50 60 said, Is it? Is it more than that? Okay, I guess it's across an Appleton are about the same size, right? Maybe the cross is a little bit bigger. I don't know. But you know going. It's not like he's going from O'Hare to downtown Chicago all via freeways. It's not like he's gone from from JFK in New York City to the U. N building. Where there'd be lots of security and that sort of thing He's flying in from the cross Regional drive from the across regional airport to some bus station. Long city streets with the full No. POTUS, the president of the United States entourage there, you know, the black SUVs, the blinking lights, the motorcycle cops? Yeah, the whole thing that in the media the so called Chase car, which has got the pool people in it. And you see this this long shot picture, huh? Of this this, um motorcade, which had at least a dozen vehicles and maybe even a few more than that. Looking looking down the street at it, And there's nobody I'd either side of the street, then in this photo gallery, they've got a couple of pictures labelled Biden supporters. Along the motorcade wrote one of the two pictures. One picture had a woman and her three kids and a guy with a set of binoculars looking at, you know, kind of behind them where Air Force one had been taxing the other one. And I'm not lying was two old farts looked like in late sixties with beer guts sitting on lawn chairs with, uh, a a Biden hear us like yard sign. That was it. No pomp and circumstance, no cheering. They're just sitting there kind of just biding their time. Yeah, yeah, David suggesting. Perhaps they were there for the Fourth of July Parade and the Biden Things just happen to wander by. No. They had a They had a Biden here a sign so.

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