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They only have three possessions where they pass the ball more than three times in a single half core possession. They had a lot more miss shots. They had those six turnovers and even on that kyri drive. There's four white jerseys around you somebody's roping. In fact, three people are open. You know, you've gotta be able to recognize that NBA facility and not force the issue as much. No, no, no, I agree. But when you look at Boston in their struggles over the course of this year that was kind of their MO when we saw game one. Now, we understand that Indiana. Would that that was not like that was not the best thing that they were gonna play. So you're like, okay. Well, let's see we're all excited about this. And then they came out and played a great brand of basketball. Everyone was moving. Everyone was scoring. But then all of a sudden when they struggle look what it was. It was a little too much one on one and a little my turn your turn. So there's only the fourth time in the history of the NBA the teams split the first games of a playoff series with each winning by at least twenty points. So where do we stand here? In fact, I'm going to throw it open to the whole east. All right because this is a pretty wide open east conference semifinals over these four teams in each of them has one. One game. So of what we've seen so far Richard which looks like the best team in the east to you right now. I still like Milwaukee I'd like to walk because consistently. That's what they're gonna do. They didn't change too much. They changed the starting line of Ameritech. They put him in there for for the most part. They just played harder. They've played harder. They played with a little bit more intensity. And for a team that hasn't experienced the playoffs. Right. That much for the Milwaukee Bucks. I think that they're just going to continue to play harder as they figure it out. Not a surprise, obviously. With these fourteen we've been talking about this for the last couple of months when we look at Eastern Conference is that these four teams are so competitive, and so type to me it's still the raptors that's who I've been talking about when I come on the show with you guys. And I believe that Colli Leonard and his impact in particular, his understanding of being these situations his desire to be the guy that you're talking about a guy who's been a finals to finals MVP, obviously. But you you add in PASCAL as well and his overall improvement from where he was a year ago to where he's at now, I think the raptors have the makeup necessary because it takes pressure off. Lowery to not have to be that guy was Seok them stepping up. I think the raptors are gonna win the centrist because we began this season. I think talking a lot about Boston and Philly and in your guys scenario, we're going to lose both of them here in this round. And that would mean Kyrie irvings time in Boston perhaps comes to an end we had a very interesting discussion yesterday, the hall of fame rise Ahah Thomas was sitting right there. We brought up the notion that it is widely speculated that Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving, I'm gonna wind up teaming together somewhere, maybe here in New York next year. And as you'll hear right now is Ahah said he doesn't like it. I don't see these to be in a good fit because they have the same skill set. I mean kyri and Kevin Durant. They're both ball dominant. What makes Kevin Durant effective in Golden State is that Klay plays off the ball. And Steph plays off the ball. When you look at Kyrie Irving. He's a ball Dominic guard. He wants to handle the basketball put Kyrie in Durant together. Which one of them is going to be the ball dominant person in which one is gonna play off the vault. So I was a really interesting conversation in Jalen, I sold regretted that you were not here yesterday to hear your reaction. But I finally can now do you agree with his notion? Kyrie and Kevin Durant are not really suited to play. I disagree with my childhood, Idaho..

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