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McRae. Dallas more than a hundred and thirty thousand dollars for one congressional race Harris's admitted to directing red dome to hire Dallas but denies any wrongdoing. Despite this the North Carolina GOP is still saying that they're guy Mark how're should be seated as US congressman in a tweet today that in the best light is still pretty damning that row quote. I think you've got one innocent person in this whole thing, and he's the one getting the really bad end of the deal here. And that's Mr. Mark Harris that statement the GOP picked to convince the country of their candidates innocence was set at today's hearing another then Lisa bread. The convicted felon who had moments before admitted to illegally collecting and filling in strangers ballots. So consulting firm higher by Republican candidate paid someone. Then engage in the worst most. Agreed documented electoral fraud of the entire cycle and the party that likes to scaremonger about voter fraud thinks they're guy should still get to be seated in congress hearing continues tomorrow, and the state board elections will decide whether or not this qualifies a fair election in the state of North Carolina or whether another election is needed. We are now less than a year from the Iowa caucuses and the battle for the democratic presidential nomination is fully underway. Maybe the candidates are already on the campaign trail, particularly in the key early states of Iowa New Hampshire and South Carolina, then meeting voters, and honing their stump speeches testing out what works, and what doesn't like a stand up comedian who tries out material in a small club before embarking on a national tour. This is a laboratory if these candidates sharpen their message establish, what makes them different this president's day. Weekend was the most active in the twenty twenty Ray so far as candidates garnered big crowds and voters and local reporters started form opinions about what which what each of the candidates have to offer. Joining me in our pair reporters who've been on the ground with those candidates, Pat Reiner who runs the political new site. I was starting line and Caitlyn bird political reporter at the post and career in Charleston, South Carolina, Palamu start with you in Iowa. Which is obviously the place in the first contest. You are a true I will caucus. Nerd you've worked on in the past. You have been documenting and carefully. What what is what does it look like from the crowd standpoint? In terms of enthusiasm turn out those kinds of things so far. Well, that's one of the most fascinating thing. So far crisis. They Kamla Harris. Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren. They're getting crowds of five hundred to eight hundred people out while ready. I mean, those are turnouts that you would be happy to have like a month out from the Iowa caucus much much less than a year out. And what's fascinating to me. Personally. I've I've worked in the state a lot. I know who these activists are what's interesting is who's turning out to these events. So right now, you got a lot of different candidates from different ideological backgrounds. But the people who I see coming out to these events don't necessarily fit those. I've seen core. Bernie Sanders activists out to see John Hickenlooper. Even though they're not gonna end up caucusing for him. I've seen county party folks out at Elizabeth Warren events, even though they think she's too far the left, but the interesting and nice thing is they're all finding something that they like about these candidates early on because right now, it's all still, you know, it's also pretty nice out there. Yeah. So far. There's it's it's been. Very positive..

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