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I answer this question. All our musical ever be is about sexwale. Never ask us one musical question and all about that and you know they tried any way to sort of steering in that direction and we were very serious about what we wanted to do. But i also felt that what i was as i was saying that girls were sort of taught to. You know not really talk about that stuff. Maybe to their friends but not really beyond that and soon teenage girls were expected. Shut up for a certain part of themselves down. And you know that's just not healthy first of all and it's not my fault if you guys around comfortable with us talking about sex and i mean sorry. It's it's happening whether you know it or not whether you wanna know it or not so You know now. It's easier for me to look back and actually put words to it at the time. It was just more. I wasn't really thinking about it. I was just doing it as an adolescent. We've hormones pulsing through your body. You find yourself in these club. Web is very different looking people and as you say the music did something to you and there was the sexuality to it. Do you remember the feeling well. That's of the which feeling i mean. Records you talking about playing guitar. I think the combination of being surrounded by these other people that you identified with being in a space that seemed safe and hearing miss music and feeling liberated by remember what it did. You not exactly i mean it just made me feel good. I mean i. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and dancing. Saw cabaret around this. What were your impressions. I laud everything about it. The music was amazing. The campinas of it and also i guess sort of you know cabaret experienced that before i moved to los angeles so this pre playing music or anything and that was probably my first little mind opening to sort of Coincided with with what the rodney's experience would would be cabaret was campy. it was edgy. It sort of you know joel. Grey the mc had makeup on and. it was just sort of pushing the envelope. And when i got to california. I have found that same energy rodney's and it so it was sort of an extension of cabaret and sort of cabaret coming to life. I guess. How did you first come up with the idea for the runaways. I just wanted to play with all girls start. It would be really exciting and in don teenage girls playing rock and roll. Thought would be you know people would love it. People would freak out and love it. And i was really so he did have a concept of how different this actually works. Yes yes i did. And who did you find to be in the band with you. The first person i met was lamb sandy west and she was the drama of the runaways. I met her through kim. Fowley who is became the runways manager and producer. We both ran into kim separately. Couple days apart. I met him for so on the phone and he had heard that. I i was a guitar player and wanted to form inaugural band so he was asking me showbiz questions like do you have a demo tape. -joyed songs and i was a means so naive so green. I didn't know what a demo tape was. i. I didn't know what are you talking about. And i hung up after like twenty minutes figuring. Wow i blew that forget it. You know it's over. Couple nights later Sandy west was in hollywood hanging out and actually recognize valley and went up to him and said i play drums. I want a former inaugural band and so on and so forth and kim said that he had just met a girl played guitar and she should give me a call and gave sending my number. She called me. I took a bunch of buses to her house. We set up together started playing together and we just hit it off right away. I mean just personally and musically just really hues very heavy drama really into the same things. I was about the girls to play robin mall. She had been bans in high school. She was a year younger than mayor that six months. Maybe and she had already been in three or four bands with with guys so she was much more experience than me and so she knew she could do it. And we set up played Some basic rock and wall stuff together and then called up kim valley and put the phone down and said listen to this played some stuff and he said sounds great. Let's go try to find some other girls and we looked around. You know various places. I believe sandy. i'm not sure about. This may have run into leader. And that's how we came came to meet lita. Ford who became was runways lead guitar player. Kim fowley and i were hanging out at the club. That rodney's had now closed down and there was another disco. That was playing the glitter stuff. Rodney had a guest. Dj a slot at this club. And so i think one night a week would be glitter night and the kids who show up you know and so kim and i would go on those nights in sort of hanging out and one night. We saw sherie corey hanging out there and with twin sister and you know she was very striking walking. We asked her if she could sang and she said yes. So we said okay do you want. Do you want to audition sing. We'd for inaugural rock and roll band. And she said yeah. Why were you the lead singer. We'd gone through before we met sri gone through an incarnation. As a three piece with.

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