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The him fourth. Razors with Steve big. Whereas becoming interviews. This is. Steve. Our to this Thursday, son, bursting through here, upstate New York. Welcome a welcome sign and bursting through on the other end of the phone will be Tony black good morning. The little chilly out there today that you were you back in time to work this morning, or when did you leave Harrisburg, you know, what I get back in time. And I have played hooky from detractors mine and probably got out there. But when I when I went to go get out there. I says, you know, what it's a little chilly a little different mindset than what it was over the year. I don't have to go out in the cold like us feel but I feel for the Jackson get out there. 'cause you know, the horse's like it a lot better jobs like this beautiful weather for is only they loved playing out in this type of weather. They are good the winter coats on and they're ready to do anything. You want to do and more. One like this. So I play hooky like I said on the racetrack this morning. Well, give us an update and talk about the experience the had this year, and you went to represent the racetrack side of things at the agricultural gathering. And I know that I it means a lot a lot to you to be asked. When it when you first started doing it and interacting with a public that in some cases might not be familiar with the, you know, the racing industry in the breeding industry and talk about the experience this year. Well, what are the highlights of the experience is the kids they come in busloads from auto schools, and you know, there's one question you can ask all the kids. Of course is do any of you. Right. And there are so many young people out there that ride horses, you know, shores, and this is and they really enjoy it. But the other question, you get ask them, and you get a pie response to you d a lot forces. Do you like courses aren't horses beautiful and the kids they really do like like to talk about the horses. Whether they have personal experience with them or not was a grid on not. Whereas these are mazing animals, and they're such I- catchers when you talk about horses and racing to these kids and the beautiful athletes. They are and you start to explain how they train every day, and what they do on a daily basis as as was the kids love it when it comes to public in general, you know, nobody walks past the exhibit without having Hugh moments to stop and because you have horses of one a big backward there, and it's you know, it's an eye catcher. They they they don't always know a lot about who is racing. And and it's our bread foot. They're so willing to listen and learn something about him. You know, you can talk to the people and and start to explain a little bit about what what a horse does as a race. Course. And they can't believe it. You know, they don't under-. They don't even realize these straightening, the Jack family that human athlete would chain train. I brought some pictures with me. And you know, what are the I catch is that really people really couldn't believe how competitive versus aren't how much they love to run. I showed him a picture, and you remember derby day when Jeremy Rosen Harvard or has coming down the stretch and the outside sources never gonna get past the inside or enough few strives before the wire the outside worse Jeremy roses on reached over as to bite at the voice that he couldn't get past. And they think that really happens. I says well, and all that I read only in a few times, but it just show you how competitive they are. And I said, I kind of labeled the picture as if I can't be jump gonna bite you. That's how that's how competitive these animals are. And I've got such. A good picture of it. It was blown up. I mean, it's a beautiful picture. But it shows you how competitive they are. And then I start to explain a little bit of good that kids and to anybody who's listening about how you read what these horses are thinking, and what they're going to do, you.

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