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Sattar who sports with friends and hall of justice podcasts at seth under score ever it is how you can get a hold of him he wrote i know you've of absolutely i subscribe to all of your stuff i mean i go and i get notify did alleged you don't believe me i i can prove it to you i'll i'll send a notification argue as soon as we're done here let me get a bunch of other things taking care of your first the yankees i mean last week i came i everybody's repin derek cheater for saying he was still sleeping with the yankees at all this stuff i don't know how you feel i don't remember exactly what you said look i know the optics here are bad but he was just simply trying to get rid of that albatross of a contract now gene or has done everything in a pr disastrous way which is so weird for a guy who is so good pr conscious in new york and did almost seemingly everything right on the surface he's done everything almost seemingly wrong but what did you make out of that hole exchange for giancarlo stands for the yankees well i was in orlando and you know the one thing brian caird rim could the best of my knowledge to sever flat out lied to me but one thing he said that was very curious with that during the whole discussion with the marlins he never spoke to cheater you have this 20year relationship with the guy you're not gonna just call him on the phone you're not texting him i i thought that was very yeah that's weird talking to dead well he was saddened mike hill and and i i just thought that was very strange because you're talking about a league mvp you're not talking about some random backup outfielder um but.

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