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Yeah. His face in the middle one side. Hold you. Acquainting Bob such Gerald. Yes. Bob is taking his files in his briefcase and like banner. He's just walking down the road, dude. It's next situation. I mean, honestly, I think he brought the best out in Murph. I always think they brought the each other about this. I loved doing the fits files, not just this year every year, we've had that it was like one of the highlights of every show for me. Honestly, no question. So. I'm glad you brought this up to legends. My hat's off to them are stationed wouldn't be not. It is with two guys not even have this might not even have jobs. If it wasn't for those two, right? You know, but I am very much looking forward to hearing, Greg Papa, I think he's fabulous. Speaking of Gary, and I also am looking forward to him doing Niner games. I mean, I know he's the raider legend. But the guy makes every game interesting shot. Greg Papa one of the best in the business. I am also looking forward to rod and Larry and Tom, those are three of my favorite hosts that have been around here for a long longtime KB. It'll be cool, Tolbert Krueger Brooks. TK be two to six. I mean can you have too much of a good thing found? I don't think Shannon. I love a good fish jam for half an hour. Oh, damn it is. Then the paulie. Mac podcast with creative. Tony ryan. I'm Shannon Kayla stone foxes. Paulie? Mac, mccaffrey? Bye. Listening Polly's podcast with paulie MAC. Morning show. Podcast.

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