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Of all the way. Through the o.'neil tunnel the loop ramp from the Tobin bridge tied up getting to the. Zakum the Leverett down ramp is jammed both sides of store drive very crowded, getting to the Kenmore square exit the. Sumner tunnel and the Ted Williams tunnel or clogged especially the westbound side of the Ted. The expressway southbound, really solid down the Columbia road because our crash past that reports of a car fire. By furnace brook Parkway. Northbound side of the expressways on the brakes from furnace brook to east Milton, and then from squander street to the gas tank, long the, lower end, of, one twenty eight southbound you'll find delays getting. The route, ninety five ninety five south is slow getting To route one and then delays getting by four, ninety five route one at self all locked up in both directions through Foxborough with game traffic your next report's at seven thirteen on. WBZ's traffic on the threes all right thank you and onto the weather are four day WBZ AccuWeather update here's Dave Bowers Brief shower thunder shower, in spots. Into the, early evening but four tonight it'll be mostly clear probably at about sixty. Five of many of the suburbs, seventy two downtown and ended up Ford borrowed seasonably warm day. But less humid lots of sunshine high. About eighty-five clouds move. Back in tomorrow. Night. To be followed. By a shower very late low. Bots sixty six Atlanta clouds are going to be with us. All weekend, long it's also going to be cooler, showers on Saturday with a high of seventy two seventy four, just a brief shower too on Sunday they'll. Be some break so high seventy six I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Bowers WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty those storms have moved out to sea. On the north shore in, fact seeing some partly sunny skies in. Beverly we're. At seventy seven degrees and now. Calm here in Boston partly sunny. And eighty two Tune into WBZ,.

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