Italy, Husted discussed on BBC World Service


Long okay that my life was relatively normal I was planning my mom's birthday lunch hopping on the train to work every day the meeting friends for after work drinks I don't see that everything was okay until it wasn't the death toll continues to rise dramatically Italy has reported another big increase in the number of deaths of people with the coronavirus seven hundred ninety three in the last twenty four hours reports of deaths have come pouring in Husted stories of heartbreaking kindness like the Italian priest dying off he gave his ventilator to help another there were doctors on the advice telling us how hospitals a baddie coping how they're trying to get enough staff and ventilated and a face mosque and then there's the issue of fate the industry has been transformed stretching and straining under the baton of virus economic cafes and restaurants have closed the business is supplying those restaurants I suddenly redundant demand for foodbanks has sized and yet their nations have dwindled and many have rushed to supermarkets to stock up yeah C. ng nice area nine five five anything like all contents doubles ten fifty five yeah it's kind of thanks a lot details not to line in this that's been pounded complying the.

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