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In the science of fear that's the book that we're talking about the evening margie kerr my guest as we continue discussing this talk to me about some of the actual science of fear how our some of these tests done and what is it really told us so there's really two two parts of fear that we have to kind of combine into one thing but when it comes to measuring it can get very complicated because a lot of different disciplines to find it in different ways but when we look at fear as the threat response we're talking about what's happening in the body when we go into a state of stress so whether we're startled or you know you might even be thinking about something that that really scares us and we have a response that involves a bunch of of different chemicals so there's adrenaline that's getting our body going into go mode so our metabolism kicks into high gear so we're trying to burn convert is much a sugar as possible into energy and get that outdoor muscles and our heart rate is increasing we're trying to get oxygen also out to our body there's also neuro transmitters in our brain that are released like serotonin dopamine and they are kind of greasing the wheels helping us you respond to what is most important and endorphins of course are released and they're going to block us from feeling any pain should be get hurt and all of these things are happening to make sure that we can survive whether that means running or fighting or freezing it's it's really helping us to to focus attention on on survival that means a lot of the abstract thoughts or thinking about.

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