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Doctor Michael Mann's cell known worldwide for the classic don't sweat the small stuff yes it's all small stuff and he has a more recent books too but he's going to be talking to us about something that affects us every single day really multiple times food as fuel for the brain are you using the right kind and are you damaging your brain with every meal we should be more cognizant of things like these is going to tell us all the way also Jeff crew where the host of marines side politics will be along with all the political headlines of the day he is also the author of America's last chance we'll chat about the democratic debates are coming up and also we have some trending topics in the news for you so interesting is the burial site in Indianapolis that is marked for John Dillinger really yeah he was once as they say Public Enemy number one in the United States and that now two relatives of the notorious nineteen thirties gangster planned to have his remains exit wound it is all part of a TV documentary they say there is evidence the body buried in that cemetery may not be him at all they think it's possible that FBI agents killed someone else in nineteen thirty four when Dillinger was trying to get away from them after he broke out of prison the FBI is disputing all of this they say quote well supports challenger's demise including fingerprint matches and we will see president trump unleashed on Democrats that arose just a rally in Cincinnati the other night noting that the candidate is actually spent more time criticizing Barack Obama and Joe Biden who is a can of course then criticizing him drop he also as you see here had a busy day of tweeting topics like a sack rocky he is finally being released from a prison on his way home to the US from Sweden also going right back and a couple more points on president drop John Radcliffe drumstick for national director of national intelligence reckless is now withdrawing from consideration and will remain in Congress trump also tweeted about North Korea also today president trump signed a deal to let American beef farmers export even more of their product to the European Union that is great news for our ranchers and at the rally he also spoke about some of his other successes while in the White House listen Hey.

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