Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Ferguson Police Department discussed on Red Eye Radio


The meals delivered to mambi the greatest ballplayer and and be the greatest humanitarian so when you make general assumptions like that we found out from debating and doing talk radio for a long time that gets you into deep trouble focusing on the people that are actually involved focusing on the leaders of the organizations and what they actually do study them as individuals and study the substance or the lack of substance of what they bring to the table on each argument on each level of each argument because those situations that they claim are again in the case of las vegas you could easily prove that you could prove that it goes back to that question we had earlier why is it they think that there are no cameras in the world do they understand that there are cameras everywhere especially if you're going to be somewhere at a casino in a nightclub their cameras everywhere that can disprove that situation and with police dash cams body cams you forget that part the truth will often will often find its way whether it's a matter of an investigation as was the case with michael brown and the family ordered the first autopsy was one done by the family which disproved the whole hands up don't shoot thing which is still being used today and it was the justice department led by then eric holder that found that the community there was pressure on the community not to talk about that to the police officers but to continue that narrative well you couldn't tell the truth you that's the investigation that obama's justice department found that's what they found there now we can talk about the emails that were shared and the racist comments in in some of the jokes of the emails that were shared and the ferguson police department or or any of that stuff and we're not saying that's right the chief should should take the hit on that the chiefs should be gone if you're not gonna control that kind of behavior within your own department but that's far from far from illegally taking.

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