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Riveter i was about to say hotly contested because there's like five people who claim i was the model our this who it's modeled after sino but they did they've done a lot of research and they say she's it's pretty much muggy likely yes she is the one i she died saturday at the age of ninety six in longview washington and if you don't know who rosie the riveter is you know the looker up okay kazakh yet the polkadot bandanna and there are alexia red ur from you would think that uh a people know who that is right rosie the riveter most uh all right jealousy oh than than some other tragedies which i didn't pull out of the file on now i have to go find them really quickly but uh the if you like the teletubbies anytime these teletubby as always thought they were creepy a little creepy but you know the little tiny kids i thought they were creepy but they you put him down for until of his they go oh they liked them we got a dead teletubby yeah dead teletubby uh an the teletubby tinky winky metsu owner it was tinky winky taking week he's the the the blue one of the most popular one with area with the like an antenna on his lawn its head uh one of the gut it's one of the guys let's not the same tinky winky although atp winky the elite tinky winky was the alleged gay keleta now the pink one was the alleged gay 10 tinky winky simon shown he died last week according to his son who told the bbc his dad passed away wednesday shelton's of niece emily evac said her uncle was taken suddenly simon scored the teletubbies role as the purple teletubby after the original actor was fired a 1997 he stayed in the purple suit through a 2000 and one also this story about children's icons k this is the one i could never stand at dillon loved this when he was a little while boy barney by now is not dead a and b and bowl li with the ring according to a story published on tuesday by vice the a man who played the per purple dinosaur barney david joyner started a a 10truck sex business canturk tantric sex was scott amtrak harmony joyner started here brazil is three hundred fifty dollars joiners clients or goddesses get a full session which can include a ritual bath shop.

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