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Culkin. Yeah. So it'd be UV MacAulay MacAuley MacAulay Culkin Kalkin. So if somebody comes to me at the airport and says excuse me, are you MacAulay Culkin MacAulay Culkin is my middle name. Okay. So the resolution today is this. This is a tweet from MacAulay Culkin on on Christmas day merry Christmas to me from all of you. My new middle name has been chosen you voted. And the winner is clear in two thousand nineteen my new legal name will be MacAulay MacAulay Culkin Kalkin. Get it leery. That is hilarious MacAulay Culkin. I feel like perhaps his managers invested his home alone money. Well, right. So now he is in this liberated space where he can do weird things. Like this change his middle name legitimately legally. And for for our museum in quite frankly. Mccully what is it MacAulay Culkin coke MacAulay MacAulay Culkin Culkin MacAulay MacAulay Culkin Kokin? That that works. Okay. I also really quickly before we move on. I have decided his Twitter. Feed is hilarious. Have you? I follow him on Twitter, and I forgot to pay attention. Yeah. So then when I saw this tweet come across. And I was like tell me more about this. I went back and started reading some of his old tweets, and I was laughing out loud at him on Friday. He does this thing called hashtag MAC facts Friday, where he shares little dumb thoughts about himself like for example. On December twenty first I read the Harry Potter series backwards, but watch the movies from the middle out, hashtag MAC facts Friday. I like to look up obscure holiday. So I have an excuse for all the bottle rockets. I keep on me at all times. I mean, it's just completely ridiculousness. That's what happens I live. And you're just an adult. You know, what here's the thing Colleen McCullough Culkin has the social media presence that John Mayer. Yes, we had that is one hundred fifty percent true. Because if you are following John Mayer, you are very disappointed in your life. But MacAulay Culkin will bring your spirit back and also he's living his best life. Oprah should pay attention to him truly. Yeah. Here's what we have for.

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